Zivame unveils new brand identity with logo and tagline


Online lingerie brand Zivame unveiled its new brand identity with a new logo and tagline – ‘Love Yourself Inside Out.’ The new logo, unlike the previous text-based branding, now has both a standalone letter – z – along with the full name in the text – ‘Zivame’. The brand’s team maintains that the new changes signify fluidity in terms of innovating and keeping up with varied consumer choices.


The logo has been designed by OPEN Strategy & Design, a Mumbai-based branding and design consultancy.

According to the Zivame team, the ‘z’ at the center of the monogram signifies that the brand is still rooted in its core fundamentals of delivering great products for all occasions moods and sizes coupled with customer experience. The lower open end of the monogram represents that they are inclusive and inclined to experiment and innovate.

Amisha Jain, CEO Zivame, says, “Zivame has come a long way since its inception and has played the pivotal role of a catalyst in growing the category and shifting perceptions. The past two years have been particularly good for us as our revenues have grown 63 percent in FY18 to Rs 86.6 crore. FY19 has seen 50 percent plus growth in revenues. The Zivame brand’s gross sales reached a 220 plus crore run rate at the March 2019 exit. The new tagline – ‘Love Yourself Inside Out’ – invites women into a world to discover their personal style, space where they can browse, discover and shop while retaining a sense of their individuality. Every element of this new identity, be it the choice of color or the design, is truly a reflection of what our customers expect from us.”

Jain adds, “Our R&D team is studying the Indian body type that will help us in bringing out products to address and suit every Indian women’s needs. We have also recently raised Rs 60 crore funding as part of a bridge round which will be used for the ongoing and future retail expansion, augmentation of technology, product development and strengthening.”


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