10 blogs every entrepreneur must go through


Entrepreneur is the person who creates something new or who creates a different company like Startup that is totally new for the market. Being an Entrepreneur is very crucial task as it needs hard work, consistency, focus, self-reflection and many more things. It’s all about your interest and passion towards your goal. We see that entrepreneurs often read different books, magazine or articles to boost up their skills and knowledge. Entrepreneurs are those who are always looking for creating something new by which they can make a change in the world. They always look for the solutions of the problems. The journey of being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job, they works for about 18 hours per day or more to accomplish their goals.

4 Hour Work Week

It is the blog for those who want to leave their 9 to 5 job and want something which they always wanted in life. This blog was founded by Tim Ferris and he is also one of the best sellers of New York Times. In this blog you can submit your email address to get the first 50 pages of this blog, articles about the most-used apps and some weekly tips and methods for you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Social Triggers

social trigger

It was founded by Derek Halpern and it is world’s most famous blog among the other blogs. In this blog we can learn the methods for better promotion of our business or company. With this blog we can learn about how we can build new business and we can learn about how we can increase customers and audience to your website or company. We can easily build our online courses with the help of this blog and in business building a list of emails is most important and tough thing to collect so with this blog we can learn about how we can build the email list of customers and users. If you are planning for opening a e-commerce website then you can learn about how to sell products online.

Steve Blank


This blog was founded by Steve Black who is very famous Entrepreneurs who founded companies like E.piphany, Zilog, MIPS Computers, Convergent Technologies, Rocket Science Games and many more. This blog provides us content on the different categories like Startup Books by  which we can get information about startups, Guide, Slides or Videos about podcast & lean startups and it also tells about some startup tools like libraries.io, startup resources, market research list, GetApp, Public Data Sources and so many other tools which are present on this blog. You can go through this blog to know each and everything about startup or business.

Startup Savant

This blog is founded by Ryan James and he is also a very kindest person because he donates his some part of income to several organizations. This blog provides you some great advices from Entrepreneurs and also shares information about most important tools that one can use to grow their business or startup.

The Entrepreneurs Library

entreprenuer library

It is another blog which provides podcast to the users by interviewing the great leaders and entrepreneurs and ask them about their experience. It is also the one of the best blogs in which we can search for eBooks that will be beneficial for entrepreneurs and users. This blog was founded by Wade Danielson. This blog is for those also who love reading books can easily find books of their choice. With this blog you can increase your skills and can grow as a leader and owner.

Entrepreneurs Journey


If you have your own blog or a website where you sell services and products then this blog will be beneficial for you. Entrepreneurs Journey was founded by Yaro Starak and in this blog you will learn about how you can do marketing of your website or how can you grow your online business. In this you will learn about some methods and strategies of how you can increase your marketing growth and sales of your products.

Entrepreneur on Fire

entreprenuer on fire

Podcast is one of the famous online businesses where you can make digital audio and video files on the different topics. John Lee is the owner and founder of Entrepreneur on Fire where he takes interviews of other famous Entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy and many more. If you do podcasts then you should go through this blog.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the top rated marketing specialist, venture capitalist and an author. He was the former employee of Apple in which he had done marketing for the Macintosh computers. He is also the brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz. He shares his own experience with his own blog. This blog has different categories like Books which was written by Guy Kawasaki which you can buy from Amazon, Indie Bound and other platforms, and this blog contains the speeches category where we can learn about different topics from videos recorded by Guy Kawasaki like The Art of Social Media, The Art of Enchantment and Lessons from Steve Jobs.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the famous Entrepreneur, author, speaker and a well-known internet personality. He is the investor and serial entrepreneur who invested in different companies and currently he is the CEO of Vayner X. He owns his personal blog called Gary Vaynerchuk and in this blog he tells about his own entrepreneurial experience and strategies such as how to do marketing of footwear and how to do podcast on different platforms like Spotify, Sticher, iHeart Radio, Google Play and iTunes.

Smart Passive Income

It is the famous platform where entrepreneurs can learn new things about online business. Pat Flynn is the founder and owner of this blog. Smart passive income was started in 2008. With this blog we can learn about some strategies of running an online business. By this platform you can learn about the internet marketing and also learn about how you can start an online business of your choice, it could be of anything like e-commerce, online software development services and others.



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