10 Brands Acing the Social Media Marketing Game in India

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Social Media presence has become such a monster these today that no brand can afford to overlook it. Brands are spending millions of dollars from their annual budget for social media marketing either by keeping a in-house team or outsourcing it to marketing agencies. Unlike other digital marketing techniques like SEO or PPC, social media has a relatively easy entry point with higher fertility.

Creating a social media presence is a tricky business, there is no math to it, even a single viral success on social media could become a growth trigger for your brand, and nobody knows what goes viral. So, the best approach is to keep going until you find your viral post.

Here is a list of 10 Indian brands who are nailing social media for viral growth.

#1 Netflix

If there is a competition of making the most amazing meme, Netflix is definitely winning it. Where most of the big brands are running away from memes, Netflix is showing us how it’s done with timely, relevant, and actually funny memes, something that’s really refreshing coming from a brand.

The number of engagements, impressions, and conversation initiated with the use of memes alone are just one of the many factors that make Netflix a pro at social media.

#2 Zomato

Food discovery brand Zomato knows its audience well and know how to keep them engaging. Be it the contests or picking trendy topics Zomato is killing it on every social media platforms. Zomato picks trendy topics and posts simple images in order to interact with viewers online.

This is what Zomato posted when a news breaks out, that popular show CID is going off-air after 20 years. Creative images, regular posts, and engaging content makes Zomato one of the best social media brands in India.

#3 Durex

Durex, the condom brand has built its social media empire with creativity and imagination like no other Condom Brand in India. Embedding sexual innuendos in their post has become the X-factor of brand’s social media success. 

This is how Durex celebrated cricketer Prithvi Shaw’s century on Debut. The brand is trying to have a new, fresh and spontaneous tone of voice to talk about sex by connecting it to trending topics.

#4 Amul

Can social media presence help you selling milk products? India’s biggest milk products selling brand Amul is the answer. The brand always has interesting and funny insights into current national and international events.

This is how Amul broke the news of the Supreme Court partially banning firecracker on Diwali. Amul’s keeps the same character on all their posts which have now become its USP.

#5  Rajasthan Tourism

When it comes to government agencies nobody is killing the social media game better than Rajasthan tourism department. Handled by AdGlobal360 India Pvt Ltd their social media accounts contain the vast amount of travel-related information in terms of travelers’ experiences which also serve as an important source of information for the travelers.

#6 Parle-G 

The chai-ParleG combo has been delighting every Indian out since ages. A veteran in the biscuit category, Parle-G is also showing the ways to use Social media for brand awareness. The brand is leveraging its biscuit’s popularity in their posts and creates highly engaging content for their audience.

For Example in this post, brand requested consumers to tag their best friend in an innovative manner to get user engagement.

#7 Sabyasachi 

A study has revealed that 92% of the consumers want their brands to make ads that feel like a story and the ace Fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has mastered the skill of storytelling on social media. The designer uses visual and social storytelling strategies on social media to his advantage.
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In 2002, I rented my first apartment. And moved in there with my tailors and pattern makers. It was all under a thousand square feet. It would become my home, my factory and my atelier! I hand-painted the walls in ‘Bengal Red’ with motifs of flora and fauna inspired by the tree of life! The horses back then did look like rabbits and one bird I am sure looked a bit like a nondescript reptile. Old habits die hard and so a better version of the tree of life makes a second appearance. In Coromandel Red – dextrously hand-painted by The Sabyasachi Art Foundation. #Sabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #TheSabyasachiArtFoundation #DeepikaPadukone #AsianPaints #Nilaya #SabyasaschixAsianPaints #SabyasachiForNilaya @worldofnilaya @asianpaints @deepikapadukone

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Sabyasachi also launches his new collections across all of the social media platforms in alliance with many Bollywood beauties to get more exposure.

#8 The Minimalist

Started by two IIT-Bombay students marketing company “The Minimalist” was started as a Facebook page for thought-provoking witty content. The company’s massive presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn keep the followers enthralled and engaged with various social issues that they address through their designs.

This is how the Minimalists urged people to donate for Kerala flood relief.

#9 Country Oven 

Bakery brand Country Oven often engage with its audience in a funny manner. Handled by Shootoder Digital Marketing Agency Country Oven’s social media accounts contain the vast amount of product and service information embedded nicely with trending topics.

This is how CountryOven shared the news of the Supreme Court verdict on Aadhar Card with its followers.

#10 PizzaHut

Compared with other Pizza chains, Pizza Hut are the clear-cut leaders in the Pizza market on Social Media. The brand has recently released a fresh new campaign, featuring actor Abhay Deol and his ‘friends’ – a gang of puppets. The brand has been using social media influencer’s to talk about its products in form of challenges and the strategy has been working for them till now.


So this was my list of top 10 social media brand in India. Here are some common factors of their success:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Give your brand a personality.
  • Share engaging content and high-quality images.
  • Build relations with influencers.
  • Implement, analyze and repeat.


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