Top 7 Social Networks to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

social network for organic traffic

Increasing organic traffic to your website is never an easy task many businesses chose to spend extra money on marketing rather than increasing the website traffic organically. But the hard work always pays in the long run. With that being said, it’s also the greatest investment of time and effort you can make.

website traffic through social media

Another reason businesses spend high on marketing and SEO is that marketing provides you quick results whereas SEO takes its time. But do all the businesses can afford to spend a high amount of their budget in marketing. Probably not that’s why we need to increase organic traffic to our website. Today we will talk about how you can increase traffic to your website using different Social Media channels. You must have already know about these social media websites but still, I will include some interesting facts and tips on the organic reach to help you improve traffic to your website.

#1 Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with more than 2 Billion active users. In past few years since Facebook has launched its adverts, Organic Reach has declined by 50% and more. Facebook is pushing businesses to pay for reach. But still, there is one window left for organic reach. Start sharing your post on Facebook groups.

#2 Linkedin

Linkedin is the only social networking website where you can target the professional audience. Same as Facebook Organic Reach has declined in Linkedin but LinkedIn Groups may shortly become a good source of Organic traffic to your website.

#3 Twitter

Big businesses are more active on Twitter than on any other social media website. Organic reach like other social network has declined in recent years. To increase your Twitter reach, leverage real-time events or trending conversations, co-create tweets with influencers, and include relevant hashtags.

#4 Pinterest 

Pinterest provides you the higher organic reach than that of Facebook and Twitter because the number of people who see your pins is often greater than the number of your followers. Also, your Pinterest pin lasts 151,200 minutes where Every tweet on Twitter lasts 24 minutes and a Facebook post will get you 90 minutes of visibility in the News Feed.

#5 Google Plus 

If you are thinking very fewer people are using Google+ and there is no need to post your product on it. It is another social media marketing myth. Never underestimate the tremendous SEO value in Google+. Posts from Google+ are being indexed in the SERPs, and authors’ Google+ profiles are showing up next to those results and improving clickthrough rates on listings. Even if you’re not seeing a lot of engagement on Google+, you might see a bump in your organic search rankings as a result of your activity there.

#6 Instagram

Instagram has close to one billion active users. Although it not a fit for all but should be examined. With features like Instagram stories and you can reach your followers easily and with the new feature, you can add a link to your story which allows your audience to reach your website easily.

#7 Snapchat

With close to 200 million active users Snapchat is already mainstream. It is the new favorite social destination for the youth. So if you are looking to engage young audience Snapchat is the great platform to increase organic traffic to your website.


So this was my list of top 7 social networks to increase organic traffic to your website. If I have to pick the best one I would say Pinterest as there are no restrictions on organic reach. I am saying it again in the end that organic traffic is really important for your website if you don’t want to spend the unnecessary budget on marketing.




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