Best Christmas and New Year Social Media Campaigns from last year


Winter is here! Well, I am not talking about Game of Thrones. Christmas Eve and New Year has always been special for the digital world in terms of huge brands marketing their products online. In this digital era after the revolution of e-commerce Social media campaigns plays a considerable role in striking the minds of customers. It is not an easy task though. Every time popular brands brainstorm to come up with their marketing strategies. It’s a peak time to achieve their sales goals by increasing engagement with their customers.

How to engage?

In order to gain engagement with customers, you have to curate some unique ideas to influence them. Every smartphone user has a social media account. Therefore social media campaign plays a crucial role to get the reach. An effective strategy with viral content and suitable hashtags can give your desired result.

Let’s talk about some basics. Tell me who doesn’t want to be a winner?

A good give away can do the marketing for you. A customer, who participates in your campaign, will eventually end up marketing your product. If your content goes viral, it’s just a matter of time you will start receiving orders. This goes for all the participants in your contest.

Choose the media

It is very important for running a campaign. It depends on the nature of the business you are having. Research which social media contain most of your target audience. After figuring out start your campaign and announce the giveaway. The more viral your content gets, the more leads you will have. The marketing team of every popular brand focuses on such campaigns. Generating tons of leads can reach your business goals. Be creative and unique with your idea. Focus on offering some values to your customers and followers. Highlight the facts and create the trend. “Trend is not what you follow, but what you make people follow” . The marketing has got the notch with time. So to keep up to it, you should update yourself and your strategies. Plan this early as this information is valuable for your business. Without proper tracking and analysis, you’ll always be guessing the success of your campaigns.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular campaigns.

1. Nordstrom– This notorious brand came up with a unique idea of landing video on Instagram every day of December. The video contents are so creative that it led Nordstrom to innovative flair. It gave the leading holiday spirit to the brand. Their followers are entertained and as a result value added to the brand. They got influenced with this strategy and got persuaded to purchase. The social media channel played a vital role to create meaningful connections.

2. Mulberry– Mulberry, the British brand was trending to a whole new level in social media. Their product drives the minds of the customer to the lust of craziness. They posted a series of video stories on their Instagram account. It massively affected the crowd. In the festive mood, these vibes served as a complement to the brand. This campaign created iconic significance.

3. John Lewis– One more British brand John Lewis posted balanced campaign of stories and statistic images along with promotional videos of their product all over the social media every day in the Christmas Eve. Using #John Lewis Christmas created a story worth telling. A brilliant way of presenting the product to the customer was indeed very effective — their business boom during the season. They created a long lasting impression in the mind of the consumers.

These are the popular campaign trending last year. Instagram played the crucial by popular hashtags and stories. Creating the trend helped those brands to get their leading edge. Let’s see what smart ideas brands come up with this year. Stay tuned for more.


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