10 Creative Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Audience


Everything is possible and more accessible in the modern era, even the petty details spread instantly. We can credit everything to Social media, for showcasing the varieties of the world within our fingertips and for producing massive talents from every corner of the globe. One such social media platform is YouTube.

YouTube, an American video sharing website where billions of users watch, share, upload and subscribe to the channels. YouTube is on the market with no downfall from the day of its launch. Despite all large sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat Youtube remained Hulk among all the sites. Bloggers, influencers and other genres use YouTube as a niche to exhibit their caliber.

Want To Be A YouTube Sensation?

When everything is made possible; who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. From small channel to Celebrity channel everyone races for the more subscribers. But only a few leads the show with the millions of views in their channel with more subscribe count.

If you want to pull the crowd towards your YouTube channel, here are the tips to grow your budding YouTube channel.

1. Plan a Script to your channel

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The quote is apt. To start a YouTube Channel having a goal does not give you audience it requires a proper plan to gain more attention to your channel. Videos tend to provide a better platform if you script accordingly. The script will sure keep you on track by not veering off to an irrelevant concept.

  • Track some key points to maintain a standard to your YouTube channel.
  • Include the main points to your video script.
  • Add necessary calls to action like click on the link subscribe to channel.
  • Play with words to attract an audience to your channel.

2. A Perfect single keyword or Topic to the video

Keywords in social media run the different markets on sites. It is essential to pick the right keyword or a topic to gain traffic or more subscribers to your YouTube Channel. Ensure that the keyword what you use to channel is more relevant and enticing to the viewers. The reason for its importance is, it gives you a better plan to content. You can search your keyword in the YouTube and analyze on what rank your keyword stays. The tool called KeywordTool.io is one of the tools used to see the most searched keywords.

The other gaining factor to your video is its length; the ideal video length should be around 8-12 minutes long. Research on the keywords most searched by viewers on YouTube.

The reason why to pick the keyword carefully before recording or shooting a video is to incorporate in your audio script. Repeat the keyword multiple times in your audio to gain a top ranking search YouTube channel. Because YouTube automatically adds the closed captions and the algorithm technically read your entire audio script and uses it as a critical factor to your relevant search.

3. Enhance your “Title and Description”

YouTube is the worlds’ second largest search engine after Google search engine. People use YouTube as their another best search option to find relevant queries and solutions. If you want to make your video content to rank as the most searched keyword, need to focus on optimizing your channels’ Title and Description.

Your title stands out if it is catchy and not missing out the keywords to rank top in the search. The best way to grab the viewer’s attention is to placing the keywords starting of the title to increase the channel count. Try keeping your title short. Description of the video goes the same as the title. The common mistake what the writers do is not giving importance to the description below the video. People read the description of the video to know what exactly it is. Make sure to provide a brief description applying keywords to the first two lines of the description video. Try avoiding more keywords to the video, and it may affect your channel. Make sure to add relevant tags to your video to boost up the views to your channel.

4. Quality of the video

Generally to shoot a video might take months depending on the topic what you like to upload sometimes it takes less than hours. But the most important part to do at the front end is to produce a high-quality video. Irrespective to the topic you want to upload. Make sure while shooting a video got the proper light and the beautiful landscapes to make your video more interesting to the viewers.

For example, if you are trying to show the viewer your exploring vlog work on 360 degrees video to increase your video channel. This is the best tip to add more growth to the channel video.

5. Consistency in your channel

Irregular upload of the video will never give you the desirable audience to the channel. Constant upload of the videos with some relevant details keeps your subscribes hook to your channel. In this way it may help to grow the audience number, never break the rule of the time you promise to upload. Always ensure to upload the same topic video as you described in your introduction video.

6.Design a Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnail is another factor to give a lead to the success of your YouTube channel. Design a thumbnail to make it easy for the audience to click on the videos you produce in the channel. Whenever a viewer watches a video, your video thumbnail should stand out as a suggested video in the right of the sidebar. It helps you to gain more traffic to your channel when a viewer wants to watch more videos.

To gain the attention of the viewer while clicking on your video thumbnail, make your title and description eye-catching. Try telling a story when a user clicks on it. The viewer should wonder what happens in the next video of your channel. The more clicks to the channel, the high scope to fill the subscribers.

7. Pay no heed on the subscribers’ count

One of the fear factor to the YouTuber is the number of subscribers. Yes. Small YouTubers can crush seeing the less number of subscribers to their channel. It never helps in bolstering the confidence of a YouTuber. Never look at the count instead try paying more attention to gain watchers to your channel. No matter what the count try to show you, make a smart effort to increase the channel a lead position with all the best possibilities you got.

8. Promote on Social media

As we know the best way to grow the market is to promote your YouTube channel on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular sites. Social media platforms help you to get more clicks to the video. Publish the video contents regularly in the social media sites to draw the attention of the audience. The more it spreads, the more it trends. Try always a trending topic to entertain the people to watch your channel.

Another interesting way to generate the population is to going live on YouTube and inviting guests to your channel to make it into more fun and exciting. Try collaborating with other popular YouTubers to drag the audience.

9.Engage with your audience

YouTube video channel also facilitates with likes and dislikes emojis with a comment section. People might like or dislike the video which should never bother you. People opinions matter the most in the growth of the channel. Never forget to engage with the audience. The comments what they shoot at you helps you to be more creative and fluent. Try responding to the comments by viewers positively. The more you engage with the audience the maximum chances of overcoming the flaws in the video.

10. Add related links to your video

The most significant scope to your channel is adding related video links at the end of your video or below the description. If a viewer wants to know more about the videos what you upload, add the related videos at the end to gain many clicks and subscriptions. As you the YouTube algorithm, the more clicks leads you to the top search video on the keyword box.

Reports say that 4 out 5 people use YouTube as their search option to explore more, watch their favourite channels, to know more about HOW TO, tutorials on education and other fields. So when you know what viewers require more, try focusing more with these instant tips and grow your YouTube Channel Audience without any hassle.


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