10 Ultimate Reasons On Why Business Website Must Choose WordPress

10 ultimate reasons why a business website must choose wordpress

“ WordPress is a factory that makes webpages.”

Today, WordPress is a quick fix to your website content. It is a crux between content and user to create and publish web pages. From a blogger to a businessman, having a website is a mandate. And in this hustling and bustling era, everything wants to be done instantly and automatically by finding so many solutions to make the work done right and quick. 

Creating a website takes time, and we need most of the things to have an automated solution. One such solution is WordPress that is developed for webpage creation including SEO details, meta description, adding images and more a webpage requires. 

WordPress initially started as a secure publishing platform, but now, almost 60 million websites of all sizes and most of the well-known brands use the platform for creating a webpage content. Bloomberg, CNN, LinkedIn, Bata, Toyota is among a few popular brands that use the content management system for their webpage content.

Is using WordPress for a website a right choice?!

Indeed, Yes. Let’s check how good it is to our business.

Why to choose WordPress

10 Ultimate Reasons On Why Business Website Must Choose WordPress

1. WordPress is a freebie with an open-source software

One of the reasons why a business or blogger choose the platform is because it is free of charge and tagged for its open-source software. You are liberated to do anything with the content management system and can even alter the source code if required for your website. One can be the sole leader by managing the site through the channel.

2. WordPress friends with SEO  

In a content market, SEO is essential for a business to elevate their product. It is one such platform where it helps to make sure your keywords are placed 97% without any need of SEO tools to do its work. It solves abundant SEO concerns and makes it easy for search engines to improve your site content. Isn’t it pretty cool!!

3. WordPress comes with Themes and Plug-ins

One of the right reasons why again a user should opt for it is… WordPress fosters our page with Themes and Plug-ins to make your site visible and operate as you like. There is no need of hiring professionals or developers to maintain your website page.

4. WordPress makes webpage a breeze

The platform makes everything from software installation to site management easy for us. Allows you to do everything without any knowledge in coding and hardly needs a second to publish your post.

5. WordPress is a strongbox

Hacking is always a prime issue when it comes to the internet and its things. Hackers always try to find heinous ways to encroach the security. Don’t worry, it is fabricated to guard your accounts by enhancing with safety updates. Use WordPress.org only to download plug-ins that can protect your sites from invaders.

6. Power-Packed with a supportive community

The platform has a supportive community that consists of users and developers. The support group is always ready to help users with a plethora of queries, including troubleshooting your issues. Now you can check WordPress-related questions through WordPress Forums and can also check blogs posts for better understanding on how to write better content.

7. Compatible with any website

The other favourable reason is the platform supports any website be it an e-commerce or any other business purpose websites. If your business is an e-commerce website, it has plug-ins like WooCommerce where you can flip your blog into a million-dollar business.

8. WordPress supports Multimedia

A website is boring if it does not have any colours. It easily integrates images, videos and more with just hitting on the upload button, or by even embedding codes via HTML areas. It ensures your page with lowest bounce rates.

9. A Multi-User factory

WordPress allows multi-user access to run your website if you are not the only one who handles the website. The WordPress Codex foster your page with super admin, administory, editor, author etc.

10. A well-designed Dashboard

Its dashboard is the same for every individual. A user’s dashboard consists of daily stats, news updates, recent comments, top posts and top search. 

Trivial facts of WordPress

  • WordPress is released on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
  • WordPress.Org consists 55,131 plug-ins.
  • Native applications of the platform available for WebOS, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phone.
  • Its codes are named after Jazz musicians that starts from version 1.0 (Davis) to the latest 5.2 (Jaco) version.
  • It won awards and recognitions- winner of InfoWorld’s “Bossie award for Best Open Source Software”, awarded in 2011 among the other awards.
  • It has a five-star privacy rating from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • The platform is written in PHP.

WordPress keeps on growing and improving its platform by adding new features and other customizations to help users to create a unique webpage content. 


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