Top 10 Ways to Publish Social Media Updates with effective results


Every other brand, big or small, is out there on social media. If they are not, of course, they are leaving (a lot of) money on the table. However, even though you have active social media profiles across the different platforms, are you sure you are making the most of them? Anyone can publish social media updates. But we have to see to it whether the updates are yielding the best results or not. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to publish social media updates that guarantee sure shot results:
1. Ask your Fans and followers:


Opinion polls get noticed very fast. Make your fans and followers feel important and involved by asking questions for feedback. Any update that provokes a chain of discussion will definitely boost your brand visibility on the social media. Facebook is a good social media site to start an opinion poll.

2. Go Informal:


An informal update helps in bonding with your target audience. Such updates make your brand more friendly and approachable. Jokes and humorous posts attract a lot of fans and encourages more participation. You can post lighthearted funny updates on Facebook, twitter etc, whereas LinkedIn encourages mostly formal posts.

3. K.I.S.S.

Keep It Short and Simple. Your social media update. Research has shown that the concise posts, the ones that are between 40-80 characters receive comparatively more response than longer posts.

4. Routinize

Plan your updates and schedule them. For example, you can decide that every Monday you will post an inspiring quote for your fans, every Wednesday some informative post and on Friday, a chilled out, fun update. Sticking to a specific routine will help you in your social media activity.
Your fans will get more familiar with your brand and will trust you more, with time.

5. Hashtags, hashtags everywhere


Hashtags works well for marketing purposes. True! But don’t clutter your social media update with too many hashtags. It could put off the readers. Instead, use hashtags judiciously, for their maximum benefit.

6. Visually Stimulating

A visually stimulating social media update will definitely more effective. Yes, images can be used in Facebook and Twitter as well for the updates to stand out and be more attractive.

7. Retweets and Shares!

Whenever you come across a valuable post, share it on your profile. Don’t go overboard with sharing too many links. But scan through and share the ones from which your fans benefit. They will definitely enjoy something unique and valuable. Such shares also help in establishing yourself as an industry expert and a source of a good mix of information. People, whose posts you share will also appreciate this and will take an active interest in your updates.
8. Include Emoticons in your Status Updates


It’s a good idea to include emoticons in your updates. But that doesn’t mean you will use emoticon in your every update. However, it’s seen that posts with emoticons have more chances of being shared, liked and being commented upon.

9. Post the same Update Multiple Times

In order to get noticed, try posting the same update multiple times, across different social media channels. This way, your update will be accessed by different people belonging to different time zones. You could modify the posts a little before posting them again and again. Weekends are a good time to post updates too. Remember, different people have different social media habits. So, our social media activity should cater to everyone.

10. Lists, How-tos and Top counts

People love crisp information. If you can provide your fans with a useful list of important resources, they will simply love it and your credibility in your niche will be firmly established. Similarly, a how-to guide or a top count list also call for maximum fan engagement.