15 Top Healthcare Startups in India 2022


Healthcare has always been a challenge in India, with over a billion people to cater and lack of latest technology and facilities people have no other choice to look for private organizations for good healthcare facilities. With the rapid rise of middle class and increased usage of Internet and mobile broadband, there is a high demand for quality and affordable healthcare in India.

In last few years we can see many healthcare startups in India emerging in preventive healthcare, analytics, pathology, emergency services, among other things. Also, the healthcare market in India is growing at a fast rate and poised to grow from $100 billion in 2016 to $280 billion in 2020, creating a huge opportunity for healthcare and health tech companies and startups. In this blog post, we will talk 15 best healthcare startups in India.

Top Healthcare startups in India 

#1 MUrgency

Founded in 2014 MUrgency is a mobile app which connects people who need urgent medical help with credentialed doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics, nearest to them. MUrgency was selected winner of the first prize from amongst 3,000 startups from 59 cities from around the world, 65 semi-finalists and eight finalists.

#2 LiveHealth

LiveHealth provides single platform making access to organize medical information easy and seamless. It enables better interaction between Healthcare Providers, Doctors, and Patients. Founded in 2013 Live health offer Information Systems (IS) for Diagnostics & Laboratories, which make medical information management easier, seamless and mobile without the overheads of IT Infrastructure and development.

#3 Practo 

Practo is one of the most successful healthcare startups in India. Practo is a Software as a service(SaaS) tool.It is an internet-based service to schedule appointment with the doctor. With the help of Practo you can search for doctors based on specialty and location, doctor name or clinic name. You can also search based on the area of the city, availability, timings and consultation fee. After finding the right doctor for yourself you can directly schedule an appointment with the app.

#4 Niramai

Founded in 2016, Niramai is among the leading start-ups using technology to fight cancer. The Bengaluru-based start-up uses AI for a pain-free breast cancer screening. The platform uses machine learning and big data analytics over thermography images to develop reliable and low-cost diagnostic methods.

#5 Curefit

Curefit is the platform to power healthy lifestyle and holistic cure across fitness, food, and mental well-being. cure.fit will guide users in developing healthy habits and enable easy fulfillment of all health-related needs. Founded in 2016 by Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal the Bangalore based healthcare startup provides an innovative combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery through a combination of online and offline channels.

#6 Lybrate 

Lybrate is making healthcare more accessible in India by seamlessly connecting doctors and patients through our health app and making them communicate using mobile phones. Founded in 2014 Lybrate is India’s first and largest online doctor consultation platform.

#7 Advancells 

Founded in 2005 this Noida based healthcare startup provides therapeutic application of autologous adult stem cells to patients at the highest medical standard and also offers a natural Anti-Aging treatment from your own bone marrow and fat stem cells for soft cosmetic remodeling.

#8 AddressHealth

AddressHealth is one of the top startups in the long list of healthcare startups in Bangalore. Set up in March 2010, AddressHealth is today, India’s largest school health provider. This year, we are covering: 1.5 lakh children in private schools. AddressHealth is backed by social impact funds -Gray Matters Capital and Unitus Seed Fund. AddressHealth is also a winner of “The Stars in Global Health-7” awarded by the Grand Challenges Canada.

#9 CallHealth

CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that has built the world’s first integrated virtual-and-mobility platform to bring “Everything about Health” to the doorstep of the customer in and outside India.

#10 Portea

The Bengaluru-based healthcare start-up offers home visits from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and technicians for patients. Using remote diagnostics, point-of-care devices, and remote monitoring equipment; doctors and medical professionals can monitor patients who can’t travel to hospitals.

#11 Consure Medical

Consure’s Medical product is a novel device for the management of fecal incontinence in bedridden patients, a condition affecting nearly hundred million people worldwide. Consure is continually innovating new products, expanding its portfolio of critical care solutions to help bridge the chasm in healthcare continuity that currently exists.

#12 DocTalk

DocTalk is a mobile application that allows patients to chat with their doctors and get prescriptions on-the-go. The platform also services doctors by preventing revenue leakage, while also assisting them in maintaining relationships with patients. Using the app users can safely save all their medical files and history on the cloud so that they never have to carry their files again.

#13 Grow Fit

GrowFit is a startup based in Bangalore prevents lifestyle disease through a combination of data science, medical science, and behavioral insights. The startups consist of a group of nutritionists, food technologists, counselors, technologists, and product people who want to use the power of the mobile to make health a daily habit.

#14 IGenetics

IGenetics offers clinically relevant differential diagnosis panels in addition to a highly accurate range of individual laboratory tests specifically in areas of critical care, oncology, gynecology, and infertility. the startup offers 1,400 tests, including advanced tests for cancer, infertility, and infectious diseases as well as routine laboratory tests.

#15 NeuroSynaptic

Neurosynaptic offers proven ehealth and mhealth technology solutions that bring together products, partners, and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. It develops a point-of-care diagnostic device capable of performing dry chemistry tests including biochemistry tests, electrolyte tests, HBA1c, etc.


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