20 Digital Marketing blogs Every Marketer Should Read


Digital marketing refers to the advertising through the digital sources such as social media, email, websites, search engine. As the internet has become a powerful tool, that made the digital marketing a great marketing tool but in the digital marketing it is necessary to keep up with the present news and information, trends and learning have no bounds in this particular field. To be on the track of knowing everything about new marketing strategies and skills, technology.

As this is a new market, things are changing every day at rapid speed. So as a marketer you need to be aware of all those changes. There are many blogs all over the internet that are reliable, original and are in such a way that helps you be updated in the present marketing of rapidly changing industry.  

Here we are providing you the best. The list of 20 best digital marketing blogs. Let’s have a look at them

#1 MarketingLand

The MarketingLand blogs cover every information about new marketing techniques, SEO, social news, SEM, analytics and also the webinars, newsletters and the white papers that are a great source of learning for the beginners as well as the experienced marketers. It is as a one-stop for every other thing that is required for a good marketer. marketing and is a daily publication that covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry. In addition to the editorial news staff coverage,  marketing and features contributing articles by subject matter experts across all digital marketing disciplines.

#2 The Moz blog

The Moz blog provides the entire information on SEO tools, Local marketing and all about marketing resources. It simplifies the concept of SEO for everyone through their software, education, and community. It is one of the blog available that helps you keep track and develop an understanding of mechanics behind the SEO. it offers a wide range of how-to articles related to SEO. they also post a video every Friday called as “whiteboard Friday” in different topics. A must blog to follow for budding marketers.

#3 Kissmetrics

In the Kissmetrics blog, you can learn the latest online marketing tactics and strategies from the leading marketing experts. A blog about analytics, marketing, and testing. Built to optimize growth. The track, analyze and engage to get more customers. It mainly focuses on the article categories content marketing, academy, conversion rate, optimization, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Entrepreneurship, marketing, Online marketing, paid ads, release notes, SEO and Social Media. Kissmetrics is very easy to use and can grow your knowledge to another level.

#4 The search engine journal

The search engine journal produces the latest news and is the best guide to teach more about SEO, paid search, marketing techniques and more. This digs out a lot of information in the search engine marketing. The articles on their blog are written by experts who give many tips and advice to be a successful marketer. This makes really very simple articles which are understandable and easy to implement.

#5 Convince & Convert

This blog is running by a famous marketer influencer named “Jay Baer”. It is one of the best digital marketing blogs out there. This blog offers various articles on digital marketing strategies.they also provide ebooks, books, podcasts, blog, and websites. It is an experienced highly focused analysis and advisory firm that creates effective awareness of all the marketing issues. They also help you get better through audits, the creation of strategic plans,  workshops, coaching, setting up an configuring metrics and tracking, as well as ongoing advice and councils.

#6 Content marketing institute

This blog is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insights and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward. It mainly focuses on content marketing as the blog name suggests. This blog gives you a complete guide on how to start content marketing? The content marketing framework, and also provides a huge range of examples through the ebooks.

#7 Buffer blog

The buffer blog is an intuitive social media management platform the help the marketers know the latest news and acts as a great adviser on social media. They also give you a lot many tips ob designs and marketing tools. They are known for well-researched posts and depth topics. This is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and engagement with customers.

#8 LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is an online news aggregation feed within LinkedIn designed for members to share the self-published content. You can share your knowledge and learn something other through the LinkedIn Pulse. It acts as a great platform for the people to teach and learn. You can even publish your own articles. It also helps you to gain traffic and subscribers to your own articles.

#9 Social beat

The social beat is one of India’s leading digital marketing company. The social beat also helps the digital marketers to learn more about digital insights, web developments, e-commerce, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, digital advertising and keeps you updated with all the trends in the digital marketing of India.

#10 Digital Marketing Institute


The digital marketing institute is one of the famous institutes that teaches thousands of students about digital marketing. It also runs a blog in which they post the articles about working of SEO, its tips and running of ads on the social media platforms. The content marketing guides, the marketing strategies, email marketing, campaigns, e-commerce. The articles are being written by the experts that provide you so much knowledge on the particular topics.

#11 Econsultancy

The Consultancy is the other one of the digital marketing blog that guides and trainers on digital marketing and also advised the internet marketing strategies. Their articles are posted with a global community of marketers and e-commerce professionals with a wide range of research, data, analysis, training, consulting events and online resources. The Econsultancy helps you save your time, build your knowledge and career and build stronger cases by improving your skills and sharpen your tactics.

#12 Socialfresh

The social fresh also conducts the conferences that give the knowledge of the future of the social marketing industry. They provide the articles on the advanced digital marketing topics. This is a great blog for someone who may not have the time to sit and read multiple articles at the same time. The social fresh offers you the entire information in one go. All the topics are explained in one article.

#13 PR Daily News

The PR daily provides the public relations professionals, social media specialist and marketing communicators with a daily news feed.  The day to day information is given in one newsfeed daily which is similar to the newspaper, but the only difference i reading in the digital devices. It upgrades you with the digital marketing trends and new technologies evolving around the market.

#14 PSFK

This blog covers the news from the gadgets to market campaign insights and analysis. It contains many of the articles on the future of the digital marketing. The new trends and developments are been discussed. It also contains a section where you can download all these articles.

#15 Hubspot

Hubspot blog, for marketing, teaches you the new SEO tips, landing pages, social media campaigns, content marketing. This particular blog has around 400000 subscribers and a grand range of articles. This is one of the most popular blogs that most of the digital marketers to follow, and one that you also need to follow. It contains the new techniques of ad campaigns and marketing strategies.

#16 Copyblogger

The Copyblogger blog is an ultimate blog from which you can learn everything about writing. The content writing skills and can increase your the creativity in writing along with SEO tips to make your blog stand out from others. This bog is everything for the aspiring content writers starting from the writing, editing part, tips, and tricks to write and how to let many people read your content? is all under one roof.  

#17 Unbounce

The Unbounce blog is one of the blogs that mostly concentrates on the online marketing campaigns. This gives you the expert advice on the landing pages, website optimization, SEO, pay per click. This blog gives you an entire idea of creating, launching and testing high landing pages, popups and sticky bars without any developers. You can also use the Unbounce platform to do your work more easily in the landing pages and website optimizations.

#18 HelpScout


The Help Scout posts the articles that are based on how to satisfy the customer. That is their main aim, the satisfaction of the customers. The posts are like how to understand your customer needs and how to communicate with them for effective success. They also post the articles based on digital marketing. This blog is the best blog for marketers who own small businesses.

#19 Social Triggers

The social triggers blog was founded by Derek Halpern. This blog helps you grow your online business, by increasing your sales, traffic audience.  Derek also gives you suggestions on what to do to run a successful business and the type of decisions you are supposed to take.

#20 Digital marketer

The digital marketer blog gives a wide range of articles on the topics that a  digital marketer needs as per the blog name. It discusses the digital marketing, content marketing, and social media ad campaigns.  It is a blog that a digital marketer has to follow to be a better marketer.




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