Top 12 Online Education Websites in India


Indian education system has seen a recent spurt of growth in the online education websites. Online learning systems eradicate limitations such as location, accessibility of resources etc. Some of the leading online education websites in India are as follows:



It is one of the largest virtual educational networks in India, connecting over 48 portals. The primary objective of this website is to provide satisfactory answers to any type Indian educational queries.


This is a very helpful website as far as educational information is concerned. Whether you want to get some information about competitive exams or have any query about scholarships and loans, you must check this website for the necessary information.


This website is specifically geared towards the corporate Indian citizens and professional students. It offers the best courses to the Indian students. Some of their programs are desktop software, decision making program, communication and presentation skills, alternate dispute solution and many more!


This is a leading learning system targeted towards the Indian corporates. This websites provides classroom style training and offers absolutely uptodate content solutions to the students.


Indiaedu has been successfully providing useful information to its users about the various professional degree courses, academic courses, schools and colleges in India, since 1999.


Use the YoungBuzz’s online aptitude test to find out the most suitable career path for yourself. Search their extensive directory to choose your college and if you have any career related queries, get in touch with one of their career counsellors, at the earliest.


For any MBA related query- whether you want information on full time MBA courses or part times ones, check out You can also seek information about the various MBA career options as well.


This is one of the most informative educational websites in India, from which students, teachers as well as parents can benefit. You can create blogs here, where you can post your own content as well read other blogs as well. Apart from career guidance, this website also sells books and stationaries.

9. is one of the best education websites, started in 2002 for the aspiring MBA graduates. This is the ultimate resource for MBA admissions, preparatory tests, syllabus etc.

10. is spearheaded by the leading educationists of India. Their chief objective is to provide the correct admission related information in different institutions in different streams, eg, engineering, MBA, law, fashion technology etc.


Udemy is a vast growing online platform where thousands of courses are published. This site is also good to learn free courses in every education. Udemy has got a free formatting option which lists all the free website when checked.


Coursera was started by a professor from Stanford. This company is labeled as a tech company however, the online courses on course seem to be more popular than other services in india.

Hope the list of top 12 online educational websites in India helped you selecting an online educational website of your choice.

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