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Top 10 Online Education Websites for Students in India

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Gone are the days when education and learning were only limited to classrooms. The Indian education system has seen a recent spurt of growth in online education websites for students.

E-learning websites eradicate limitations such as location, accessibility of resources, etc. and allow you to consume a ton of information on the go at your comfort.

Here is the list of Some of the top online education websites in India:

1. Indiaeducation.net

India Education - Top online education website in India

It is one of the largest online educational website in India, connecting over 48 portals. The primary objective of this website is to provide satisfactory answers to any type of Indian educational queries.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy- Best online education website in India

Khan Academy is a free educational website which allows students to study on their own pace. Created by Sal Khan in 2008, Khan Academy has become an industry standard in e-learning.

3. Coursera

Coursera- Education website in India

This website is specifically geared towards the corporate Indian citizens and professional students. It offers the best courses to the Indian students. Some of their programs are desktop software, decision-making program, communication and presentation skills, alternate dispute solution and many more!

4. EdX: edx.org

edx- online education website

It is one of the most trusted sources of online education as it was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. EdX is an online learning destination which offers high-quality courses from the world’s top universities and institutions to learners everywhere.

5. W3 School

W3 School

W3 Schools is a free online education website that is dedicated to teaching students the various aspects of web design. Students select what they want to learn from a variety of choices.

6. Academic Earth

Academic Earth probably brings the most unique concept of education that there is. This is the idea that education should be accessible worldwide. This level of access is convenient for many students, but potentially lifesaving for students in underprivileged areas.

7. Meritnation


Meritnation.com is an online education portal that provides interactive study material for students of classes 1st to 12th for CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra (MSBSHSE), Karnataka (KSEEB) Kerala (SCERT) and Tamil Nadu boards. Complete with elaborate live classes, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, practice tests, and expert help.

8. Byju’s

BYJU’S is the world’s most valued Ed-Tech company and the creator of the most loved school-learning app in India. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S offers highly personalized, engaging and effective learning programs for students in classes 4-12(K-12), and aspirants of competitive exams like JEE, CAT, GMAT, IAS, and GRE. With 33 million registered students and 2.2 million annual paid subscriptions, BYJU’S has become one of the most preferred educational websites in India.

9. Code Academy


Code Academy provides an online website for coding tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions, immediate feedback, and a tested curriculum takes anyone from non-technical to a coder.

10. Open Yale Courses

open yale course

Open Yale Courses provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.

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