3 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing


One of the things every business person must learn is to appeal to the emotions of their audience. You will not be successful if you are not privy to the needs and sentiments of your clients. By knowing how they feel, you can be able to make more appealing messages that will get them to purchase your products. Psychology in social media marketing is not simply a supplementary thing, instead, it should be central to your strategy. There are many ways you can use psychology in your marketing and business in general. The best way of using the strategy though is choosing those methods that will encourage client engagement and continued commitment.

The following are the three key ways to use psychology in the business.

Give your audience gifts

Gifts are the ultimate essentials for showing appreciation and care. They are thus one of the best ways of getting your audience to engage and interact with you. You do not have to give expensive or unimaginable gifts in order to create the right appeal. You can indeed even share a piece of information that you know would be important to your audience and present it as a gift.

 Gifts are also important when you want your audience to take some action. Gifts often provoke reciprocity and when you give the audience something, they are more likely to do something that you ask for in return. Gifts are so important in social media marketing because:

  • They show that you appreciate your audience

  • They create a stronger bond between you and your audience

  • They boost the strength of the message that accompanies them

  • They are critical when you want a suitable response from your audience

Indeed, gifts are the secret weapon to use when you want to grow your network and appeal to a wider audience. So never shy away from sharing anything you might deem worth sharing when an opportunity arises.

Create messages that will invoke the audience’s emotions:

Emotional triggers are the most common cause of action. Whether you are buying or selling, the emotional appeal in a particular message will be the ultimate determinant for your cause of action. When you are crafting messages to your audience, therefore, be sure to include bits of information that will either cause laughter, empathy or shock. Of course, you should aim at being realistic and the messages you share should not be counterproductive. Appealing to the emotions of your audience helps you create a strong bond between you and them such that when it is time to sell, your products will seem more genuine. You must always keep track of the feedback and reactions of your audience so that you can craft better messages.

People using smartphones on a train platform

Psychology is extensively used by traders in forex and financial trading as well. Trading psychology allows traders to understand their own fears as well as their impulses. Things like greed and impatience are some of those that are common among human beings. Sometimes the market might seem to be too attractive and prompt you to make greedy investments. Such investments are dangerous and often cause failure. Psychology helps you understand all the human factors that might promote or destroy the business.

Align yourself with reputable partners and brands

The ‘Influencer’ phenomenon is one of the most powerful in the world of social media marketing today. Influencers are people or entities that have created a reputable and powerful brand for themselves in the social media realm. These kinds of entities present a great opportunity for self-marketing and partnerships. People are more likely to buy a product if it is promoted by somebody they follow, for instance.

Partnering with influencers can help boost client confidence in your products and brands regardless of the industry you are in. The most important thing though is to partner with the right kind of influencers. You should identify influencers who are more likely to bring positive traffic. This is because some influencers are only followed by an audience that is interested in some specific things but not others. Influencers in the sports world might, for example, be different from influencers in the beauty market. You should thus work with influencers who are appropriate for your industry.


Psychology plays a huge part of business life and personal life. Using psychology in your social media marketing business can thus have profound effects on your brand. Just like other tactics though, you should do proper research to know where to deploy your strategy and how to deploy it.


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