360 degree review of Myntra’s social networks


In this tech savvy age where everything is directed with just one click, life has altered into a visual arena. The E-commerce platform has raised the ante at an alarming rate. There are myriad websites that are being launched to compete with established e-commerce sites and exhibit their stature in this niche. However, Myntra seems to peak the graph. It has not even completed a decade since its commencement and the website is all the rage. It was a thoughtful move by the founders of the website and since then, it hasn’t stopped garnering a humongous response by commercial market. The website prudently came up with smart social marketing strategies to enhance their goodwill and repute in the market which is perhaps, the most essential thing to garner accreditation and gratitude. Continually, they devised wise prospects to get involved in social stratagem to garner profits with a novel approach each time.


Myntra.com is amongst the prevalent online shopping destination in India designed for myriad products on fashion and lifestyle catering to men, women and kids. Initiated in 2007, Myntra.com has flourished its wings and has flown to the zenith. Currently, it is a sensational and most-accomplished website amongst its competitors. A substantial triumph for this online fashion retailer Myntra.com

Myntra’s stratagem:

Social media is the biggest platform to connect with throngs of people and is conceivably, one step solution to boost sales and garner profits. Dealing with online apparel shopping, Myntra’s social media stratagem is endeavored en route for the latest fashion and updated design trends. With a wide audience to gratify, Myntra.com has five main social-media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus. To be an active attendant on each and every platform might be a wise plan but it would be a perfect plan when the content marketing stratagem is effectual by the same token. However, the brand has been successfully branding itself in an excellent way but it needs to fasten the loopholes. There are a few aspects’ that can be scrutinized; let’s have a look at it!

Myntra on Facebook:


Presently, Myntra’s Facebook Page has swanking followers, more than a million fans in the community which makes it amongst a counted e-commerce brand pages from India. It surely is a boost for the brand but although there are a million people following the page, it is a bummer. It makes one wonder, that, why are all the updates mostly self-promotional? Blameworthiness must be beard by the content strategy. There is a fine line between conversational engagement and promotional sales which should be comprehended by the brand.

Myntra on Twitter:


Myntra’s stratagem on twitter is a lot better than other e-commerce brands on the social network. The content strategy doesn’t have much variation and is quite duplicable to its Facebook stratagem but enhanced. The team governing the Twitter page is doing an excellent job; they grip the customer complaints and crack it easily, ending up with ultimate customer satisfaction. There is more communiqué which responsive and sociable.

Myntra on YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus:


The YouTube channel of Myntra was instigated almost a year ago but it isn’t appreciative. For an online fashion retailer brand like this, they could have invested more fashion related ideas into the videos and formulated a better content.

Pinterest account is handled pretty well. There are regular updates of up-to-the-minute fashion encompassing celebrity engagements as well; which is a wise move indeed.


Myntra on Google plus was instigated last year. They have whooping number of followers but their self-promotional stratagem would drive them to the drain soon, there are not much updates on it too. They must prove as an effective and engaged brand rather than only being self-promotional.

Henceforth, Myntra is doing a good job at ascertaining a stature in the market but they must gear up to stay in the industry because social-media is about getting engaged with people or was it about garnering profits and boosting sales only?


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