4 Simple Steps To Create Best Video Ads On Facebook

Facebook Ads

If you have been thinking whether you should invest in video ads on Facebook or not, whether it’s worth your attention, time or money, then this is the post for you that’ll help you make up your mind.

Facebook Video Ads

These are the Facebook ads that can be used for further reach and increase the engagement with the video, regardless of the what budget you have, or what goal you are trying to achieve or what business you are running.

Facebook Ads

There are five ways you can represent your video:

  • Slideshow
  • Stories
  • Messenger
  • Carousel
  • Collection

Slideshow: You can use simple images and text to create the ad, this can be fast and lightweight, A video that can be made in a minute.

Stories: You can create them as stories on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp.

Messenger: This is a video ad that leads the user directly into the messenger app to have a conversation with the business.

Carousel: Using this you can show your users multiple videos and photos within one Ad.

Collection: You can add in the images of your products into the video which should act as a doorway to exploring your shop.

Why Video Ads?

If we just talk about why video, most of us know that video or audio attracts more people compared to what an image might be able to do. If people are getting more attracted towards video, that would mean more engagement and hence more brand awareness.

It’s a known fact that people believe what they see if they are watching and listening to at the same time that means that they are more likely to believe you. Also, google lives it if a visitor is spending more time on your website which can happen because of embedding a video or video ad on your website. If you want to increase the conversions than you can also use your previous post and expect more clicks and engagements with the help of a video. Videos are famous on the mobile platform, more than 90% of the people who are on their smartphones, love to watch videos. You can literally say a lot more in a video than what you could say with text.

But the question comes to mind, why use Facebook video ads only, why not ads from other platforms?

Because Facebook has over 2.4 billion users monthly who collectively watch over 3 billion hours of video every day! You read that right, Every single day!

Amazed right? It’s past time you start incorporating this strategy to grab more leads for your business

How To Set Up Facebook Video Ads

Following are the steps to create video ads for your platform:

#Choose to Create Option

  • From the top menu select ‘Create’
  • From the drop-down menu choose ‘Ad’
  • Choose ‘Continue’ on the next menu

#Campaign Information

This is the page where you enter all the details of your campaign.

  • Enter the campaign name
  • In the campaign objective select video views
  • If you want to select any other option you can or select the ‘learn more’ button
  • Click on next when you are done with the options.

#Specify Ad Options

This next option will provide you with a lot of options, if you don’t understand anything, you can always select the ‘learn more’ option to know more about that particular option.

  • Choose the option that you prefer
  • Once done, click on next.

#Create Ad

This is where you’ll create your ad.

You can either upload a video or choose one from your gallery or create a slideshow with the help of images or you can always promote a video that you created previously.

  • Add a name for the ad
  • Add the facebook page that the ad is associated with
  • Preview with the help of ‘Ad Preview’ option
  • Make the necessary changes
  • Once you are done with the options you can go ahead & choose ‘Review and Publish’ option.
  • Pay the amount for the ad to run.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to create a great video ad for your business. Remember to check all the steps thoroughly before going to the next step.


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