The guide to use a few Facebook Applications that enhance your Facebook Page!


With the digitization and enhancement of the technology, it has become a world where gadgets and gizmos are every individual’s possession. Therefore, social networks like Facebook are an interesting and amusing website where almost everybody wants to engage in. Now, do you want to enhance and advance your Facebook Page? Do you wish to append storefront, to produce leads or market something that you like on a Facebook tab within your own page? Here are easy and functional applications that will help you do that:

The important things you must know-

Let’s delve into a few intricate things that you must know. How do Facebook applications work? Well! The custom tabs or Facebook apps are installed physically on your Facebook page and they are exhibit right under your cover picture. There are four Facebook apps which are standardized and come with every page: Events, Photos, Videos and Likes.

The app width is about 810 pixels. So, if you are planning to add some graphics onto your page then you must know not to go beyond this width. If you want the graphics to get exhibited above the fold then you must make sure that it must be less than 500 pixels to come into sight. So, let’s acquaint ourselves with a few Facebook applications that can enhance as well as advance your Facebook pages:

  1. Heyo


Heyo is a very convenient and easy-t0-set-up drag and drop application. You can easily append a background picture or if you want to generate a fill background or add videos, text and links or whatever you imagine on your custom tab. You can begin with a free trail that costs about $25 a month.

  1. Pagemodo


Pagemodo is an application that is within your means and it simply costs $6.25 a month for three tabs on every page. And if you are well acquainted with this app then you can take over the pro version that starts with $13.25 a month which doesn’t encase Pagemodo branding and you can take pleasure in countless number of tables on three diverse pages. There are lots of enticing templates on Pagemodo that you can opt for, or if you want to manually customize it, you can do that as well.

  1. North social


North Social is a bit pricey but it encases fascinating features. You can take pleasure in all the apps they offer at a price of $1.99 per day. You can utilize North social as your one stop solution to shop for all your requirements and needs related to Facebook contests, polls and coupons.

  1. ShortStack


ShortStack is a Facebook application that is constructed on layers. You can utilize it by layering widgets on top of one another or you can also use the templates that are pre-built, along with themes to generate something that looks wonderful. The best thing about ShortStack is that it is free for the pages that are under 200fans and it is a great tool that might help you in Facebook marketing as well.

  1. Woobox


Woobox is a Facebook app that has various enticing free options for the things that are related with HTML. Fangate etc and if you want to engage in plans with contests and coupons, the plan starts with $1 per month. This price stands true for the pages that encase 100 fans or fewer.  There is one fascinating function added with it that it can easily help you to redirect right from an app so you will not have to scroll bars if the website is too extensive.

Therefore, there are innumerable applications which can help you enhance your Facebook pages. The aforementioned applications along with the prices are amongst the best ones. You can acknowledge these and take pleasure to advance your online experience of the prospects and businesses you hold.


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