5 Awesome tools to create effective Subject Lines for your Email Campaign


A key to the high open rate of your email campaign is a good subject line which is personal, descriptive and gives an idea of your content. The stats say that more than 75 percent of bounce rate of your email campaign comes due to the bad subject line. That’s why creating an eye-catching subject line is very important.

How to write a Good Subject line for your email?

Here are few tips to write eye-catching subject lines that will increase the open rate of your email campaigns.

  • Keep it short

    A typical inbox in desktops shows about 60 characters of an email’s subject line while mobile inbox shows just 25 to 30 characters.(More than 64% of professional like to open Emails on their mobile.) I would suggest you to get right to the point in about eight to ten words. Also, avoid special characters like exclamation points.

  • Important words should come in the Beginning 

    Since we are not sure how much of the subject line will be viewable from a smartphone, it is very important to put the most important information at the beginning. For Example, words like Free and heavy discount should come in the beginning of your subject mail.

  • Eliminate the Fillers

    Since we already talked about how a concise subject line improves open rate of your email.  So, try to put as much relevant information as you can in subject line without wasting your characters by fillers words like “hello,” “nice to meet you,” and “thanks,”. You can add these in the body of your email.

  • Personalize it with the recipient’s name

    Using the name or company name is one of the best ways make people believe that this mail might be important for them, It makes the recipient much more likely to open the email.

  • Never Put your Subject Line in All Caps

    This is one of the most common mistakes marketers commit while creating an email campaign. Writing subject line is like crying for attention and it is the digital equivalent of yelling and nobody likes to be yelled at.

In this article, we will also talk about 8 tools to help you write better and more eye-catching headlines and boost your email open rates. Lets checkout.

#1 ISnotSPAM

It is an online spam checker tool to help you test email and newsletter content, and alert if it is likely to trigger spam filters. You have to Simply compose your email and send it to the email address([email protected]) You will be able to view an online report detailing potential problems (if any) with your email.

#2 CoSchedule

The Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule helps you write the subject line that drives traffic, shares, and search results. The tools give you analysis of the overall headline structure and readability of your headline, increased traffic, SEO value and provide tips on structure, grammar, and word placement.

#3 Hookline Dynamic

This tool not only helps you in writing subject lines for your email campaign but also helps with things like Blog Post Title, Sales Funnel Headline, and Facebook Ad-lines. This free to you tool analyze your headline on 3 metrics- Excitement, Emotion, and Empowerment. These 3 components can effectively increase organic traffic from search engines.

#4 Headline Capitalization

It is a headline checker tool to make sure your title and headlines are properly written.  It’s a free tool to make sure what you capitalize online for publications like blogs and news articles, or for email, is correct. This headline checker should help you to correctly format all your titles in the future.

#5 Touchstone

This is the only tool that allows you to create a virtual simulation of your email marketing database to test subject lines for open, click, and delivery rates. Touchstone tests important things like.

  • Subject Line Testing Functionality
  • Segment Testing
  • Full Reporting Dashboards
  • Email Reporting
  • Filter Options





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