5 Content Marketing Methods to Drive Traffic and Conversions


Today content is the synonym of more traffic for your blog & website. Content marketing is about growth; if you’re creating content, you’re doing it because you want to grow your traffic as you want to reach to the wider range of audience. If you have incorporated into a digital marketing plan, then it is obvious that you want to get promising result. If this is the case, then there are 5 ways which will make your content marketing efforts impressive & you will achieve fast-paced growth.

Share your business data

Your reader may include experts, analyzers & readers who like to compare and analyze the data. Data tells the story of your ups & down. People love to share the stories. The famous start up “Groove” and “Buffer” share every detail about their start-up story & company’s business data on weekly basis. “Buffer” is going beyond the data these days as this company also sharing the salaries of its employees. These companies even display website traffic and revenue data in real time using a public dashboard.
Experts consider it as extreme content hack. By sharing the data-based content that company uses internally, these companies are opening themselves up to an entirely different audience and traffic source. Undoubtedly, there are mental hurdles associated with making “private” data public, but your readers will appreciate the transparency.

Make your content load faster

As viewers increases, speed decreases, it is so true but not good for your digital marketing. It ruins the user’s experience. According to Matt Cutts (spokesperson for Google Search), has made it clear that search ranking is determined by Google, according to this observation that for how much time a user stays on your page, it is analyzed that the average website visitors leave your website in 10 to 20 seconds if they don’t feel that their needs are addressed.

Repurpose old content

Old content is the one which is old, but not outdated. This type of content doesn’t lose relevance & attraction over time. This is better to extend the life of evergreen old content. A great way to extend the life of content is to make available it at regular intervals on your blog or to your subscribers via e-mail.
By concept of reusability of old content, a blog or website collects thousands of new leads. It is essential to make sure that no one misses the great content that you used a long time ago. The one way to do this is to show your content again and again in the featured posts column.

Promote your content repeatedly

Sharing your content more than once is same concept as we discussed above. People don’t care for the continued promotion of a piece, but there is no complaint and more engagement of people observed in such cases where promotion of a post is done repeatedly.
The point is; not many persons notice and read your content in first glance so if you promote again, every time, you get more engagement and this trend become regular. This has to be done carefully as you shouldn’t portray an image of a spammer. Don’t repeat your content promotion in too close succession. You need to create a plan for pre-scheduling across the social media accounts.

Understand the real meaning of content marketing

There are too many myths about content writing & marketing. You need to know facts about content marketing first. Everyone knows that content marketing can drive traffic if it is done well, but it’s not an overnight process. Content marketing takes time, so you need patience for great and true results. There are some misconceptions about content marketing like content marketing is about bringing someone on a website once and instantly converting them into customers. The truth is content marketing is about building trust with audience and earning their business over the long haul. Once a visitor likes your content technique, you can count on the statement that the visitor will come more than once
Ask yourself that what you need for a good content as-

  • More words?
  • More Information?
  • More visual content?

Content marketing is not all about tricks and games. Sometime it is a diligent work at the keyboard. High quality content is the key factor in your marketing efforts and high quality content doesn’t include language accuracy, but the correct information and fluency in engagement’s nature which is needed when visitors read it.

These strategies are promising and you will certainly get the traffic as much as you want, just have patience and focus on the planning and quality.


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