5 Foods To Cover On Your Social Media When You Visit Hyderabad


Hyderabad – The City of the Nizam, The Pearl City, The Biryani Hub and what not….

But its is not just these things it is famous for. The multicultural dynamics of this city, has made it “The Best City in India to live in” and also “The Most Creative City in terms of Food”

When we talk about such a city, it is but mandatory to talk about the different foods you get in the city and what has to go on your Instagram Story when you visit this majestic city.

Here are 5 foods to cover on your social media when you visit Hyderabad –

The King – Hyderabadi Biryani:

It is impossible to come across Biryani when we are talking about Hyderabad. If you make plans to visit this city, make sure you are taking a place close by few Biryani Hubs in the city. Don’t forget to get the best shot of this marvellous creation against an authentic Old City background for your attractive story. Twist your plan accordingly to visit one of the following restaurants – 

  1. Paradise Hotel, MG Road
  2. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar
  3. Meridian Cafe & Restaurant, Punjagutta
  4. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki

A Delightful Savoury – Boti Kebab

If you are in for the ultimate foodgasm, then you have to try the Boti Kebab in Hyderabad. It is simply the best combination of the juicy marinated mutton with the seasoning of masaledaar herbs that makes your taste buds dance in joy for such a wonder. What’s more, it is also very photogenic to have it on your Instagram story!

Tea-time – Lukhmi

Your Hyderabadi food journey is incomplete without this snack that comes with the delicious filling of minced meat and looks like an oddly shaped samosa. The crispy exterior and the tender fillings makes it a yummy afternoon snack with tea. Have a bite of this snack at the Charminar circle or at Alpha Hotel in Secunderabad. While you eat, don’t forget to snap it on your feed!

Continental Wonder – Pasta

Wondering why we are talking about Pasta among the Indian terrain dishes? It is very hard to neglect that Hyderabad is home to a number of cafes that serve continental cuisine along with your favorite Mocha and Cappuccino! The reason this makes it to our list is because the cafes in this city do not just serve amazing food, but are also very attractive and Insta-worthy! Make sure you visit a few of these cafes mentioned below in the Cyber part of the city –

  1. Tea Villa Cafe, Banjara Hills
  2. Ala Liberty, Banjara Hills
  3. Van Lavino, Jubilee Hills
  4. Hummingbird Cafe, Madhapur

The Traditional – Authentic Telugu Cuisine

Hyderabad has more to its cuisine with the roots of the region it occupies. The authentic Telugu cuisine is given as much importance as the other foods served in this city. It is impossible to not capture the cultural and traditional of the place you visit and to make that more feasible for you, Hyderabad has a lot of restaurants that give you the complete feeling of the Natu Kodi Pulao(Chicken) and the Chepala Vepudu(Fish) from the other regions of the telugu regions. Get your hands on such famous dishes at Karalu Miriyal Restaurant that is situated at Madhapur. 

Karalu Miriyal Restaurant Map Link: https://g.page/KaraluMiriyal?share 

Here ends the Hyderabadi Experience for your Instagram followers! For more such quirky information on how to make your social media more appealing and attractive, follow Whizsky!


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