Top 5 impactful social media infographics


You must have heard about infographics and seen a few as well. They are the latest fad in the digital world. If you want to introduce a new concept along with some statistical data representation, illustrate the same in form of an infographics. Nicely created infographics are catchy and impactful. Below are some of the most impact making social media infographics:

Infographics Celebrating 10th Birthday of Facebook:


This infographic illustrates the journey of the social giant, ‘Facebook’. Along with depicting the rise in the number Facebook users, this content also portrays how Facebook has changed the marketing landscape for business owners.

Infographics Illustrating how Social Media Contests Influence Consumers?


This infographics give a detailed statistics on social media contents- who commonly enter the contests, which social media channels are used the most for contests etc.

Check the full infographics at Adweek

Social Media Parenting Infographics


Social media population comprises of a large chunk of parents. This infographics from ebuyer highlights how children are using the digital media these days. Indeed an essential resource for every parent and aspiring parents. This infographic reveals that maximum no. of parents believe that their children know more about the Internet than they do.

Email Marketing is still the Marketers’ Favourite:


This is a really helpful infographic if you are an email marketer. The infographic shows how timings can determine the email opening rate along with highlighting the importance o testing with different email marketing techniques.

Blogging Statistics:


This infographic is based on the study of different blogs and how the big players in the field of blogging are making real money. If you are about to step in to the blogosphere, this infographic can be a great resource for you!


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