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5 Revealing Facts On Why Podcasting Is Still An Essence For Your Business

5 revealing facts on why podcasting is still an essence to your business
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Podcasting is not new to the business but became a business-speak these days, especially in the online market. A podcast is not greatly used by most of the business a few years back. We can see the world expanding digitally and changing in terms of utilizing the tools and products of technology in business.

Marketers with the growing competition, spading ways to fit in the Internet market. Podcasting is one such treasure which is just dusted off from the digital tools archives.

Podcasting- An alternative to a video

A podcast is a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast. It is also called as netcast. It is an episodic series of digital audio where a user can download to listen.

They are no longer you listen through an iPod or an iPhone. There are other applications like SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Spreaker allows you to listen to podcasts in your smartphones.

Advantages of Podcasts

Unlike YouTube, Podcasts are portable where you can listen to your favorite podcasts without any interruption while exercising or driving.

On a brighter note, they can be a great purpose if you do not like reading blogs. I wouldn’t say blogging has no value, for sure it drives excellent ideas, but people often tend to check the headlines, skim the paragraphs, and sometimes misses reading the important lines in between.

Through podcasts, there is no chance of skimming. Oops!

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So, to make businesses aware of why podcasting is essential, here are the reasons to scroll.

5 Revealing Facts On Why Podcasting Is Still An Essence For Your Business

1. Simple to create

To create a podcast, there are no steps required like other channels. All you need is a good quality microphone and headphones for creating podcasts. The equipment required is reasonably priced and available easily. The editing software is free.

One can send their podcasts through emails to the audience. After creating one can promote it and can send to various social channels for great exposure.

2. Builds better connections with listeners

Podcast is a one-sided medium where a listener can just listen. But still, it helps in building a stronger relationship with the listeners. The audience feels like they are familiar with the voice and style of the presenter. It is a personal way to reach potential customers. They even have the chance to get ideas through listening. It helps audiences to listen to everything while doing the other chores.

3. An alternative source to a video

Video marketing still holds the top-notch position in the business space, no doubt about it. Some businesses may find it difficult in shooting videos and lack proper tools to present it with quality. This may hurt your business.

On the other hand, Podcast as we discussed, requires microphone and headphones. Presenter talks and we (listeners) listen with no drama.

4. Hones your public speaking skills

Everyday podcasting makes you a better speaker even at public events and dealings with the clients. It helps you with a smooth flow in a speech. Establishes you as a business person capable of convincing about your product or brand in public.

5. Better exposure and leads to your business

Podcasting became the crux of the business these days. It really serves great in the branding strategy. From publishing 2 podcasts in a month to a week, it has proven that the effort is worth through podcasts.

All hail to the technology. We can share and listen to our favorite podcasts and indeed give a business brand good exposure with leads and money.

Popular Podcasts a business must listen-


Masters of Scale


Shunya One

Inside LaunchStreet

HBR IdeaCast

Hope you enjoyed scrolling and reading. Do comment your 6 favorite podcasts below.

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