10 Podcasts every digital marketing professionals must listen to


Podcasts, the series of audio files which can be downloaded in all the digital devices like PC’s, mobile phones, iPods etc that are distributed all over the internet. The podcasts are similar to the radio but in here you can actually download and listen to it whenever you need. These podcasts contain the audio files of a conversation between a host and one or many guest speakers. They come in series containing the same guest speaker or different speaker speaking about the same topic or something like that. The podcasts are available for every person in every field relating the business, traveling, education, meditation and many more.

It is considered as a great tool for learning and personal growth. It can actually enhance your skills and growth in your particular fields by listening to the podcasts. This also helps in the marketing fields, most of the professional marketers are actually favorite hobby is listening to the podcasts. These podcasts are available all over the internet, you can download it from any other websites either from the desktops, mobile phone that may be iPhone or the Android devices, iPod or tablets.  The other advantage the podcasts have are once they download while online, you can listen whenever you wish offline.

he marketers don’t really have time to sit and read about present trends, latest information, marketing techniques etc. this was made easy by the podcasts. The marketers can actually listen to those podcasts while having their breakfast or in the journey at any leisure time they have.  

Many podcasts  are available for the marketing professions on the internet:

The list of top 10 podcasts every digital marketing professionals must listen to:

#1 Ask Gary vee show

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most influential marketers. He shares his knowledge with the audiences through his blog, youtube videos, and also podcasts. He is the New York’s best selling author, motivational speaker and international famous internet personality. He hosts this podcasts in which many important topics are being discussed all based on digital marketing. He also asks in the Youtube or maybe in twitter using ##AskGaryVee to know any questions his followers or other audiences have and tries to discuss them in any of the platforms.

#2 This old marketing podcast

The old marketing podcast is one of the most popular podcasts present over there. This podcast was handled by two famous hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. Every episode of this particular weekly podcast explains the importance and help the audience learn about content marketing, and covering the latest news of the present industry. This is one of the top-rated podcasts on iTunes.   

#3 Content welfare podcast

Ryan Hanley, one of the famous marketer hosted this podcast in which he shares the marketing knowledge he has. He also invites many other famous influencers like Jay Baer, Gini Dietrich, Mark Schaefer, Marcus Sheridan. He mainly focuses on content marketing and social media marketing.

#4 Duct tape marketing

The duct tape marketing podcast offers you a depth knowledge of the digital marketing. It includes the topics like SEO, word-of-mouth marketing, and content strategy. This podcast was hosted by John Jantsch, the guest speakers who were called to discuss on the above topics and sharing the tips they have followed in their real-life marketing are Neil Patel, Ann Handley, Jon Duenas, Guy Kawasaki and Pat Flynn. This podcast is a weekly one, which has the really great conversation that is informative.  

#5 Marketing over coffee

The marketing over coffee is a weekly podcast that focuses on classic and new marketing strategies. The interesting fact behind the name of the podcast is, it is actually recorded at a  coffee shop outside the Boston. It is hosted by John J Wall and Christopher Penn. the podcast involves the famous lectures by Mike Volpe who discussed the inbound and outbound growth.

#6 The marketing champion

The marketing champion is published twice a month and hosted by Mark Schaefer who is a founder of Schaefer marketing solutions and an author of Social Media Explained.  Here, the question been asked by the audience are discussed along with success story behind a marketing program.

#7 SEO podcast-Unknown secrets of internet marketing

The other most famous podcast is the SEO podcast on the iTunes. It does share the unknown secrets of the internet marketing. This is hosted by Chris Burres and Charles Lewis. They enlighten the listeners about the importance of email marketing, How should be the online marketing strategies be and answers the questions which are been asked.  

#8 HBR IdeaCast

The HBR stands for Harvard Business Review. This HBR IdeaCast is the weekly podcast in which many great influencers come and discuss the topics every marketer needs to find out. This podcast not only sets on the marketing issues but also every quality that a famous business people must have like Leaderships in Females given by Goldie Hawn. This would definitely be one among the other interesting podcasts.

#9 Social Business Engine

The advantage of the Social business engine podcast is that it lets you know the importance of social media platforms in the present marketing business. It was hosted by an expert Bernie Borges. This podcast shows the other level of the usage of social media platforms from the most popular marketers as guests.

#10 The Mad Marketing podcast

The Mad Marketing Podcast was presented by River Pools, Spas founder and HubSpot partner Marcus Sheridan in this podcast they provide the advice in the digital marketing in the areas of SEO and Content marketing. Not only that, Marcus also shares his real-time experiences from his marketing career. It is considered as one of the priceless and entertaining resources.


These above-listed podcasts surely increase your knowledge towards your field, which is currently in the stage of changing and developing. To keep up with this life-changing field, one must always learn to back up their previous marketing skills and also adopting new skills.

Listen to this podcasts whenever you get a leisure time, know and learn about the real-life experiences of successful marketing personalities, put them in use in your marketing skills.



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