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Top Ten Social Media Analytic Tools

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The advancements made in the world of the internet in the recent times have made a mammoth impact in the lives of human beings. A majority portion of our lives, be it personal or professional, is directly or indirectly dependent on the internet in some way. The rapid developments made in the world of e-commerce have led to most of the businesses now being carried out online. Both as consumers and business entrepreneurs, we do feel the need to learn something about our social media interactions that we are constantly engaging in from time to time. Questions such as how many people our posts reach finally, what are the kinds of links that our followers like the most, as well as if anything that we do online even matter the least often come to our minds.
With the rise of social media, a number of tools have been created that analyze and interpret the impact of most of our activities on these online sites. The social media analytics tools are designed in a way that they help those who are interested in building their online presence on a larger scale or those who want their businesses’ reach online to grow worldwide, by enabling them to analyze their online interactions. The following are the top ten social media analytics tools.

33 Across

33-across-social-media-analytic-toolThe SocialDNA Targeting technology by 33 Across enables a user to combine social media analytics with marketing efforts. It helps a particular brand by analyzing their social media interactions, thereby giving a more comprehensive picture of their online audience. 33 Across is useful for both companies and their customers in the sense that it helps the companies get a clear idea of the best places where they ought to focus their marketing efforts. This in turn helps them to produce more relevant ads for their consumers.



brandwatch-social-media-toolBrandwatch supports 25 languages, and this makes it the ideal analytics solution for international corporations that have an international reach. This media analytics tool keeps a close watch on all the conversations taking place across different social networks. Its algorithm is designed in a way so that it monitors its way through unnecessary social spam and locates the necessary and important conversations.


tweetreach-social-media-analytic-toolTweetReach is an analytics tool that helps in measuring the impact of a company’s social media discussions. It effectively monitors how far the tweets travel and analyzes the implications that these discussions on social networks have. TweetReach enables its users to locate their most significant followers, thereby guiding them toward the right people they should be targeting when sharing and promoting their online contents.


social-media-analytic-tool-kloutWhen it comes to social analytics tools, Klout is probably one of the most controversial one. Users are divided in their opinion about this particular tool. Some of them complain about Klout’s scoring system as being inaccurate, and find the interaction services insufficient. However, on the other hand, some of the other users find it extremely useful. Klout keep a close watch on the interactions on Twitter, and this helps in creating an idea of what people think about a particular brand and what are the things that influence them the most. This in a way enables you to adjust the posts, keeping in mind the interests of your target audience, and likewise increase your rate of engagement.


addictomatic-social-media-analytic-toolAddictomatic can be very useful if you are aiming to get an overall assessment of a brand. It is as straightforward as Twazzup, the only difference being Addictomatic focuses on a wide range of social media sites such as Flickr, Twitter, Big News, YouTube, Google, WordPress, Ask.com etc. when it comes to keeping an eye on brand reputation and recent industry developments, Addictomatic comes really handy.


icerocket-social-media-monitoring-toolIceRocket offers monitoring of blogs, Facebook and Twitter in almost twenty languages. It produces graphs that the user can easily play with. In addition, the period of time that a user wants to be monitored can be altered accordingly. This media analytics tool is especially useful in monitoring blogger activity. Its database has around 200 million blogs inbuilt which can be used to find the latest terms that are currently trending according to a user’s search.

Sprout Social

sprout-social-analyticsThis one simple analytics tool enables its users to monitor their business and manage their conversations at the same time. Social Sprout is an extremely useful analytics solution that lets us publish and schedule updates across several social channels. It also helps in managing large social channels, teams, assignments and tasks at one go. It helps us to grow our social presence across different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks. Social Sprout offers other useful tools such as contact management, lead generation, competitive insight and analytics.


sysomos-business-social-media-analyticsThis is another social media analytics tool ideal for businesses. Greek word for “everything together”, Sysomos provides insights and intelligence that are needed to evaluate results and decide on what is working and what is not. It collects data from a variety of sources such as Twitter, blogs, messages, social networking sites, wikis and major news websites. It enables us to particularly notice the tone and attitude behind each conversation, and observe opinions based on age, gender and location.

Google Analytics

google-analyticsGoogle Analytics is a free web analytics tool. It provides statistical records and user-friendly tools for analytical marketing purposes and search engine optimization (SEO). Google Analytics has an enormous amount of inbuilt data that can be analyzed.


Google Alerts

google-aderts-monitoringGoogle Alerts can be used to effectively analyze social media by tracking anything you want. This tool helps you to keep a track of every article that you write under your name, monitor the competition or just to keep yourself aware of any given topic. You can also use it to find out what is being discussed about your company elsewhere. Google Alerts can be set up to monitor certain keywords like your name, the name of your blog, or even your business’s name. Every time these words are searched for by others, you will receive an email. Using this analytics tool, you will be able to receive immediate notifications if any negative content is placed on any social media platform and hence can respond accordingly.

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