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Top 5 Car Comparison Websites in India

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Are you planning to buy a new car but unable to decide which one to pick? Like you, there are several others who are spoilt for choice, when it comes to buying a new car. To make your task easy, today there are many car comparison websites that let you compare the features and cost of different cars available in the market. I have listed the top 5 car comparison websites, with the help of which you can make the right decision as far as your car purchase is concerned.



Carwale is one of the leading Indian websites, where the prospective car buyers can visit and compare the features and prices of various cars and finally, buy the one that suits them the best. It is a good resource for second hand car sellers as well. You can get the real market value of your vehicle with the help of this website.



Try zigwheels.com if you are planning to sell your old car and get a new one. Here you can learn about the latest news about the Indian auto industry, read user reviews of the newest cars in the market and much more.



Gaadi.com strives to be the ultimate platform for car enthusiasts. They offer information about all the leading car brands available in India. So, whether you are planning to buy a new car or a used, register with Gaadi.com to get the best deals on your purchase.



If you want to explore the auto universe, visit cardekho.com or download their mobile app. This website has been awarded the best automotive of the year several times. Since the very start, the website has left no stone unturned towards offering genuine car related information to its users.



NDTV auto is one of the most reliable resources you can turn to before buying your new car. Here you will find some unbiased reviews about the newest cars available in the Indian market which will help you make the right decision.

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