14 Amazing Keyword Reasearch Tools to excel your SEO strategies

keyword research tools

If you are pleased that you have worked hard enough towards making your web pages attractive with quality pictures and awesome information and this is all it takes for people to find about your website, then here comes the bomb. Google receives over 65000 searches per second.

Yes, a lot of work goes into making the ‘chances’ of your website stand somewhere among the first rows of people’s attention even when they are searching for the same product, service or concept related to your website. It involves finding the most popular and extensively used keywords by the search engines. Search engines rank content on the basis of algorithms through bots or artificial intelligence.

keyword research

It’s difficult to predict the rules of the algorithm correctly. Assuming that the algorithm creators of search engines create a neutral and equal playing field for all where good content is rewarded and bad practices are punished.

Knowledge of the keywords which people use while searching for the solutions of their query, natural usage of those keywords will help you make your content great and help in,

– traffic and popularity of your website/ blog.

-Create useful and search-worthy content.

-Promote your content more effectively.

Keyword research is still a manual process typically starting out with something like Google Keyword Planner to get an initial keyword list, then expand it using Google Suggest or a third-party tool like KW Finder or Keyword Tool. SEMRush or SpyFu will give you keywords other sites rank for, and something like AlchemyAPI will bring back semantically related keywords.

There are a lot of paid and free keyword research tools in the software scene which has a lot of experience in keyword research gained through data analytics techniques. With minor differences, they offer some of the important features listed below:

Keyword and related terms returned by the tool which give associated keywords related to the seed keyword.

Monthly searches– estimated number of monthly web searches for the keyword across Google, Bing and Yahoo!

CPC- The cost-per-click (CPC) the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad.

Traffic value- is the equivalent monthly cost of traffic from all keywords that the target website/URL ranks for if you are paying via PPC( Pay per Click).

Here’s a list of some of the most used Keywords Tools around the world:

#1 Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest- Keyword research tool

UberSuggest is the tool If you’re looking for something easy and quick. It is built by one of the most renowned Digital marketing experts Neil Patel

The free tool can be used for collecting keyword-related data, ideas, and suggestions. It’s a single tool with critical information updates like search numbers, PPC competition.

It’s a Free tool.

Reliable data: UberSuggest uses Google to pull its research data, the results – even the estimated ones – are quite reliable.

Comprehensive results: The results it shows are usually in hundreds of quantities.

#2 Ahrefs Keywords Explorer


The Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is another handy tool if you want to command your online presence. Due to its strange name, it might misinterpret to offer you exactly the same services as its competitors. However, It’s web-based software gives you upgraded data and access for monitoring for your search engine optimization benefits.

A great number of keyword suggestions: Ahrefs can give you hundreds of keyword suggestions in seconds. This is a factor makes it a usable and reliable tool for assessing extensive keyword details.

Utilization of Clickstream: This SEO tool uses Clickstream (clickstream is a record of a user’s activity on the Internet)

Ease of use: This efficient tool saves a lot of time and trouble with its user-friendly interface. Ahrefs also features an ‘auto-recommend’ feature that you can will not find with many other SEO tools.

However, it is not connected with Google Analytics: The results are not integrated with Search Console or Google Analytics and may not be as reliable.

#3 Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro, a cloud-based keyword research tool has a great option for keyword search based on micro-niche websites or specific niches. There are a few functions in its free plan, but to access the full-fledged amazing features, you have to sign up for its platinum version.

Long tail Pro’s most popular feature is The ‘competitor checker’ feature, it allows the user to make the choice of picking the most suitable keyword easier. Using this tool is useful if you want keywords that are less competitive, but still profitable.

Niche-specific: There is great flexibility to the user to test the viability of a particular niche.

Easy keyword identification: this amazing tool ensures it grabs the most relevant and interesting information for you. The tool offers many keyword opportunities to the user.

Helps boost organic traffic: The tool helps with crafting effective marketing campaigns to boost organic traffic to your website.

High no of search results: The tool guarantees to give you at least 800 search results for every seed keyword you input. This also helps you in discovering profitable domain names.

One drawback of Long tail pro is that the search results it carries out for any website traffic are solely based on estimates.

#4 MOZ Keyword Research Tool

MOZ Keyword Research Tool

In its free version, Moz offers tools like Open site explorer and Keyword research tool. You can run 2 free searches per day without logging in, or get another 5 searches with a free Moz account.

Moz’s KeyWordExplorer is the keyword research process — from discovering keyword ideas to getting metrics to building a list, filtering the keywords on it, and prioritizing which ones to target. It brings back 1,000 keyword terms you can sort according to volume or relevance.

Moz’s tool gives a data set which includes criteria of Difficulty, Oppurtunity and Potential to which a user can add a fourth category of Importance.


One of the popular keyword research tools available with the SEO Book is the SeoBook Keyword Tool. This is not a plugin. It is free with the Seo Book account.

An important feature of SEO Book is giving monthly as well as daily search volumes for keywords and average cost per clicks.

#6 Google Trends

Google Keyword

Google trends is a very helpful tool which helps you find out trending keywords in the world. You can search for your topic of interest in the search box and Google Trends will give you the latest and previous trends related to that topic.

Google Trends includes Insights for Search (a different Google product) which offer tools to improve visual representation and targeting capabilities.

Google Trends, offers a line graph timeline of search popularity over a given time. It is better than other Google product, KeyWord Planner as it shows when keywords peak and decline, instead of just displaying average search volume ranges for each month.

#7 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

It is also an important keyword research tool offering most trustworthy keyword data.

This fantastic tool offers the famous AdWords information about various keywords you search for and shows the traffic and AdWords cost for that keyword.

With the free account, Key Word Planner show up with ranges as broad as 100,000 – 1 million searches, your results range could be up to 90% off. When you have an active Ad Words campaign, you will get more precise data.

Google Keyword Planner is well optimized for planning out Ad Words campaigns (and, if you have active campaigns, you get better data).

#8 SemRush


Sem Rush is a favourite keyword research tool most of the content marketer. Reason for SEM Rush being one of the tops in the keyword SEO tools is it provides location-based data for keywords.. In its free option, it gives you 10 free searches a day

In the paid version, it gives you a lot of great information for both paid and organic keywords. You get to see competitor information such as rankings, as well as search volume for specific keywords. You can get an approximate idea of the budget for your campaign by looking at the average cost per clicks on keywords.

Another useful information SEMRush shares is ad copy for specific keywords and phrases.

#9 KeywordTool.io


KeywordTool.io is a famous keyword research tools to get long tail keyword suggestions. It gives suggestions for different search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and eBay etc.

One striking feature of the tool is the ability to add negative keywords to drop any unwanted searches.

Its paid account gives you access to search volume and cost per click information as well as competition level for Ad words which you can export to Excel.

#10 Google Autocomplete/Autosuggest

This one is the most trustworthy keyword research tool as it is from the house of Google. As you might have noted, when you start typing a phrase to search in Google, Google uses autocomplete to provide suggestions for possible search phrases to you. The autocomplete phrases are a source of long tail keywords.

#11 Keyword.io 

Keyword.io in its free version only provides the keyword suggestions and not the search volume data. Keyword.io offers similar services as Free Longtail Keyword Finder Tools.

Keyword.io offers keyword suggestions for Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, Wikipedia, eBay, Alibaba, Playstore, Fiverr and more for free.

One unique feature of this tool is one can find keywords suggestions based on different locations.

#12 Keyword Tool

One good feature of Keyword Tool is  Opportunity Score that highlights the best keyword opportunities. It might be useful in prioritizing content and campaigns targeting keywords with a higher Opportunity Score because those are the ones that are most likely to deliver results for a business.

You can link your Google Ad Words account through a completely secure connection with Keyword Tool.

#13 Word Stream

Although Wordstream is better used as a paid tool, it does have a free option that shows related keywords up to 30 searches per day, more than many other more famous Keyword tools.

#14 KW Finder

KW Finder provides suggestions for long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty level. This type of keywords search helps you rank fast in search engine results for long tail keywords and start bringing traffic to your website.


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