5 Tips to increase influence on Instagram

5 tips to increase influence on Instagram

Instagram, one of the biggest social media network available today, is not just a photo or video sharing platform. With over half a billion users every month, It holds the key to grow any business’ influence on the market with the correct set of tools. If you are an influencer or have a business that you want to grow within a short period, this is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Today we’ll share 5 ways to explore your Instagram Influence and become InstaFamous! Here are some of the best-handpicked tips to engage the audience on Instagram.

1. Pick an Industry

It is essential to choose a niche if you want your account to grow fast because you have to understand what you want to do and which direction you want your business to go. It will be impossible to influence people if you don’t know where you are headed.

Imagine a situation where you want to increase your influence on the tech industry, but most of the accounts you follow and pictures your share are irrelevant of your trade. In the beginning, you might get some followers from those other accounts you follow, but eventually, it’ll stop. It is crucial to understand what you are trying to sell to your followers.

Choosing a trade will keep your interest intact and will eventually make you an expert in that field which will again in turn help boost your influence on people.

2. Post Share-worthy Quality Content

This one is easy, as this is an awe-inspiring platform, the content needs to be of high quality. Post visually emotional content consistently. If people don’t feel a connection or bond with the content or they aren’t emotionally connected to content, they won’t keep following you, and they are not going to comment, they’re not going to like your stuff, it has to be visual.

People will get bored if they aren’t connecting with the content. Whether its picture or videos, if your content is appealing & visually striking and you are posting them consistently, people will continue to follow you.

3. Be connected with other Instagram Accounts

A lot of accounts on Instagram are publish curated content from other content creators and tag the creator from where they got that content from. For example, If you are creating content on Women’s fashion, there are a lot of other accounts that just feature other Women’s fashion images & videos from other accounts.

So make sure to submit your created content to other profiles as well. It’s a great way to get featured on different accounts that have more followers than you, and some of their followers will visit your profile and start Following you and will like and comments on your content.

4. Be consistent

This can’t be said enough, you have to be consistent in every part of your life to be successful, and the same goes for Instagram as well to be a significant influencer. It’s not enough to post Quality content or having a massive number of followers. Posting content consistently is essential to keep the followers interested. Posting unique content daily will increase your Influence and engagement with people, as you want your followers to notice you.

5. Collaborate With other Influencers

You’ve Probably seen this a lot when people post pictures together and tag each other. This can be used to increase your reach further by adding some more techniques like posting your picture or video with other influencers, offering some sort of giveaways or future collaborated content update while asking followers to repost it. And when you do that, you’ll not only be leveraging your audience but also pulling other influencers audiences.

The key is to collaborate with Influencers with a similar amount of followers in the beginning and eventually climb to more popular Influencers as you grow yourself.

Some other small but must-do tips are regularly engaging with your audience as it builds a great connection with your followers, using the right hashtags which will help people find your content easily even if they don’t follow you.

Using other Social media platform to cross-promote your content is also beneficial. It’ll attract people from different platforms helping you grow even more. And always keep up with the trending content on Instagram.


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