5 Tricks To Turn Your Prospect ‘No’ Into A (Client) ‘Yes’!- A Psychological Persuasion

5 tricks to make clients say yes

“Dear Mr. Bradson,

We are pleased to have a meeting with you and thanks for your submission, but unfortunately, we are looking for something more than…..or blah blah..”

Being an Entrepreneur, it is a natural process for you to look on to the rejection emails saying “No”. Not every prospect you shoot darts the bull’s eye, some prospects can be a quick “Yes” after 2 hours of conversation with the clients, and some are by fluke (no offense).

There are many ways to make your prospect into a client but acting according to the situation and time one should follow the tricks depending on your prospect frame of mind.

“Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does.”-Amit Kalantri

You should ensure that a prospect feels certain about your company in the whole 1-2 hours of mundane talk with them. The common mistake most of the business dealings happens in an eccentric way, and I call it as “impersonating people’s verbosity”. When you try to act like them, you seem like they might like but sorry folks, no. Instead, they feel either you are parroting or manipulating them to be their clients, and nothing is genuine.

Give a red signal to the thought.

Entrepreneurs have answers to convince prospects into their clients. The only missing factor is not knowing when and how to answer the correct questions. Let’s find out what tricks can make a prospect into a client.

A Psychological Persuasion of Clients

5 Tricks To Turn Your Prospect ‘No’ Into A (Client) ‘Yes’!

1. Always listen to the client. Don’t be pushy

The typical cliche notation: Always listen to the client.

But it is always supported in scoring you well from the client’s end. Being pushy means, you are forcing them to know about your product and brand not allowing a client to narrate his/her side.

After introducing yourself, it is advisable to ask your client what they want from the company. Listening to the client’s needs always leads you to the Yellow Brick Road. If you are good enough to understand the client persona and attributes, then it’s a golden ticket for you to maneuver the client to say ‘Yes’.

2. Knowledge is the biggest asset. Half-knowledge is a destitute

Go to your client if you are expert in know-how in any means. You as a source need to be capable of answering everything and schooling about anything the client is not aware of. Going with half knowledge into the action and giving blank faces to the clients will damage you and your company in the market.

They say, “Ignorance is bliss” in this case. Learn everything and ride yourself to the client instead of knowing fifty percent.

3. Show confidence. Do not blabber

Some of the companies are fussy about the approvals because of the lousy meeting with the other agencies in the past. They ask you to bring the relevant work with the previous clients. To avoid piquing the clients with some gibberish talk, take your past and present clients dealings and demonstrate it to them.

Make them aware of your ideas in presenting and approaching them. You can also show them how you take a stand and work with the different approaches confidently. Client understands that you are not here to be pushy and might find interest in dealing with your company.

Again your confidence level scores points in convincing your client to say Yes.

4. Be in touch. Never be heedless

Your prospects say, “we will stay in touch” or “not sure, can you call tomorrow”. It is a natural way of giving excuses to you.

When they give this kind of statements, it is always vital to ask them what they did not like about- either approach or work. You can be in touch with them by once again explaining it to them your motto. This way you can build a good rapport with the clients and can have a second thought about your brand or company.

5. Have a contingency plan. Routine plans put you in a fix

To have smooth handling over the trouble in making prospects into clients or convincing them, make sure you have a backup plane ready. Understand why your client is not happy after the whole conversation and start re-creating the ways to fix the situation. During a bleak moment, it is better to offer your client a plan that did not exist yet.

The backup plan works elementally because it is a second option that comes without any strings attached to it.

That’s a thought!

Psst! Give an ear to this little trick. When you reach your client, do not present any canned speeches by making it look like a one-size-fits-all. If you gab about this without a proper understanding, then you seem like missing a loyal client, instead of saying YES to remain as a NO.


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