7 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Facebook Engagement

Since 2017, there has been a decline in engagement on Facebook Pages. According to an analysis from BuzzSumo, it has decreased over 20% for the last three years. If you are a social media manager, this can be worrying. But there are still ways you can combat this decline on Facebook. We have researched seven ways you can increase your Facebook Page engagement.

Facebook Engagement

Quality Over Quantity

If you want to increase your reach and engagement, lowering the frequency of your posts can help a lot. This will allow you to post quality content instead of trying to increase the number of posts on your Facebook pages. And guess what? People like quality content. Try to limit your posts to one or two per day and post the best content you have every day.

Think about it yourself, when you post three to five times a day, you don’t have enough time to find the best content, all you think about is getting the post out. When you know you have just one post, you can take your time to curate the best content you can, and your followers will appreciate that.

But if you believe that you can post more than twice a day and maintain the quality as well, then by all means, please go ahead, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you focus on quality on your posts.

Post at The Right Time

It’s a good idea to publish posts when your followers or fans are online. There is no point in posting when most of your followers are asleep or offline, you might have the best content in your post, but you need people to see that post. The right time to post for every brand varies. It will depend on the audience and the industry of the brands.

Facebook Engagement

Now you might think, how can you find out when most of the people see your post? The easy answer is your Facebook Insights. Open your Facebook Page Insights; under posts, you will find the data of your followers. You’ll be able to see when most of the people saw your post, and based on that, you can plan your next posts. You have to keep experimenting with times, try to post in both peak and non-peak hours to figure out which one is beneficial.

Focus on One Platform

You have to keep this in mind; not every social platform will offer similar results to the same posts. For example, for Instagram, you can use hashtags; for twitter, you can use GIFs, but the same won’t work the same on Facebook. This is why you should keep a post separate for your Facebook Page. Use tools like Buffer that allows you to customize your social media posts for every platform. You can even set custom headlines for your Facebook post.


If you want to see the best results, then posting videos on Facebook pages can yield great results. Videos are known to perform best when it comes to reach and engagement. Want help with videos? Here are some tips:

  • It’s better to upload the videos directly to Facebook instead of sharing a video from another platform.
  • The videos should be squared compared to landscape view; Buffer did experiments on this and found the squared videos performed better on Facebook.
  • Don’t forget to add captions. They are handy when people are in public.
Facebook Engagement

Live Videos

This is one of the best ways to increase engagement for your Facebook page. Facebook changed its algorithm to always rank live videos higher while they are live instead of when they finished. People like watching videos instead of reading posts; this is why you should experiment with this from time to time. Go live and talk to your followers, collaborate with other creators or brands, answer questions, interreact with your followers. This is a sure-shot way to increase view count and engagement on your page since viewers are exposed to your brand; they will look around on the page for more content.

Share Content

Sharing the top-performing content from other brands can feel weird but this strategy works. Find content from other brands’ pages or websites and share the best-curated content that performed well on their site. These shared posts will help you increase your reach more than you would expect. You can either share content from users or share the best posts from other brands, that will spike interest in your followers.

Boost Your Best Performing Posts

If you plan to keep a budget for Facebook Ads, it’s better to boost your top-performing posts as well. There is a reason your best performing posts are at the top; they are proven to be engaging. This is why these posts are great for boosting. And the best part is, it won’t cost you a lot. Just use the right ad targeting, you can increase your reach much farther than you imagine.


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