9 Creative Basics To A Perfect Landing page For Your PPC Campaign


Landing pages, the necessary tool for your business. Without the perfect landing pages, it is impractical to sustain in the emerging online market. The money spent on PPC depends on how you maneuver people with the unique content for the Landing Pages.

Why Landing page?

The landing page sometimes refers as destination page. It is a page where website visitors land when they reach your site. A landing page is a vital factor concerning marketing. It helps the online marketer to convert visitors to the referred site for the details.

Does PPC require Landing Page?

Absolute Yes. Pay Per Click(PPC) is an advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. An advertiser pays a publisher whenever an ad gets clicked. It is generally coupled with the first-tier search engines.

To get your site more traffic and to expand or increase the online market for your business Landing Page is essential. Not all the websites get a proper visit, only a few visits to the page does not help a marketer by any means. Some pages are placed in the top rank in the search engine. All these factors are due to the effect of Landing Page on your PPC.

#9 creative ideas to a perfect landing page for your PPC campaign.

Let’s probe in detail!

1.Create specified multiple Landing Pages

The key factor to high converting landing pages is its Relevance. Website visitors click your ad to search for something related and specific. There is no space for generic marketing messages in the landing pages. Remember that every advertising campaign should have own landing page with a highly focused message appealing to the requirements of search you are targeting. The kind of approach what you take should not elevate the bounce rate and deal with the skillful technique.

2. Simple is better than loud

The key factor to winning a perfect landing page is to keep it simple. Most of the advertising companies try to be showy about their market, but that’s completely wrong. People find an interest in your landing page when is simplified in short and not making it too long. When visitors land on your page do not ask for needless questions to fill. For instance, if a website has 20 fields to fill out, people might feel it as an unnecessary thing to fill that. So providing it in a nutshell with key terms is highly recommended.

3. Say No to multiple navigations

Did you ever observe some pages with more navigating clicks? It is annoying right. Try avoiding it to the maximum. Reducing navigation is the other crucial point for a perfect page. When a user on a landing page observes more links which shifts it to unnecessary pages, a user will find it hard and more chances to leave the page if any distractions.

4. Develop Speedy pages

Some of the websites what we click takes minutes to get a load to the relevant page. This is because of having too many images. Speed is another saving factor for your landing page. Make a page which is with minimum images and loading swiftly without taking much of the website visitors time. If users find the page is taking 5-10 minute to get loaded without a second thought, they leave the page and go for the better page than yours.

5. Strength Your Market

Millions of people use Mobile internet as an instant source to find any relevant information. Developers of the landing page should create a friendly page to the mobile users because of the kind of usage these days. People find it incredibly hard to zoom the pages to view the content what they are looking for. If you create a perfect landing page develop the page in such a way that visitors find it easy to read. This might bring your PPC rate to a good note and can increase your market strength with massive clicks and traffic. Best Font style, Images, and keywords drag users to know more about the content in detail.

6. Create a subtle urgency

Is creating a sense of urgency on your landing pages is sensible? I say, Yes. The best approach to reach the PPC campaign is creating a subtle urgency. There are plenty of ways to generate gravity on your landing pages. Phrases like “Buy now” or “Sign up” is heavily used in CTAs. By implying to the users to think that this might be a limited offer and they might be missing important details if they are not signing up. The concept blends more thoroughly with the study content websites. Generally, these phrases give users fear of missing out. These kinds of obvious effective factors lead to the increase in the PPC rate for your market.

7. Avoid Pop-Ups for mobile

Pop-ups during videos or content are the most common irking point we are facing today. It is highly recommendable to remove pop-ups for mobile users. The pop-ups in mobile slows down the loading time affecting the landing page for your PPC.

8. It’s all in promoting

Earning people’s trust is the winning factor in being number one. Promoting your brand or products with listing the names of big-name clients like BBC, TechCrunch, helps you to gain liability among users or readers. No one will doubt the ability and your product.
The trust factors you can instill in users are:

  • Reviews online
  • Events, Awards, and Honours, etc.
  • Testimonials
  • Word of Mouth- with a positive mention.
  • Feedback

 9. Invest in Keywords and the search intent

Keywords are the foremost part of the online marketing of a product. Be in customer’s shoes and act accordingly. Customers are the main army to give your product a strength. Understand the needs of the website users and add proper keywords. Refer to the other pages for the keywords on what users are relying on. Check the messages whether it is matching the original search intent for the campaign. This offer users instantly the landing page what users are looking for.

Note: Sloppy Landing pages never gain a trust factor among users . This might have a chance to slip away the leads and have high bounce rate. Great landing page designs helps you to have a floating market and good shot at beating the competition.



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