9 Simple Tips for you to Improve SEO Skills

SEO skills

A wise man once said “If it isn’t on the first page… It doesn’t exist”. Ranking a site is not an easy task unless you’ve found a niche that didn’t exist before you came into this “Race to the Front Page”. It takes patience & a lot of quality work that needs consistency throughout the process, for your content to reach the top of the front page, as that should always be the end goal of doing SEO. But sometimes there comes a point when you feel no matter how much work you put in you don’t see any more progress there onwards. But fear not, here we’ll share some important tips that can polish your SEO skills above par.

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Let’s Checkout 9 Simple Tips to Improve your SEO Skills

#1 Brainstorming

This might be one of the most basic tricks someone can do while sitting ideal or with other SEO buddies, or while at a shop sipping your favourite coffee. Brainstorming simply refers to the process of going through different ideas and discussing them with someone of similar interest. The benefit of doing this activity will not only give you new ideas but you can actually learn a lot of new things & strategy that you never heard of before. Going through what work you’ve put into doing SEO for a site with others is extremely beneficial, as sometimes you can’t see the issues yourself what others can.

#2 Content Writing

Everyone should know by now that Content is the King when it comes to SEO. No matter how many links you build or how much On-Page optimization you put in; if your content is not of the best quality, forget about reaching the top, Google won’t even rank your site at all. The basic logic to this is that when it comes to Google, they prefer content that’s unique and of high quality. They want to direct the user to a site that provides the maximum information for the query they searched for, & if your content doesn’t match the criteria, it will never rank. We have already witnessed in recent Google core updates how a lot of creators have benefitted because of their unique content in terms of daily traffic. 


Some people on twitter even reported how their daily traffic drastically doubled overnight after the September 2019 Core update. This is why you need to up your content game a lot if you want to improve more than what you have achieved until this point. And don’t forget to update your content regularly, just to stay ahead of the heard.

#3 Know Your Opponent

If You Face a Worthy Opponent Acknowledge their skills and show them Yours” – Kiersten Warren.

Well, don’t take the saying too literal, that just there to make you understand that knowing what you are up against is better than going blind into the battlefield. By ‘opponent’ here, we mean the search engines where you want your content to rank, especially Google because let’s face it that the only one people use in most of the countries except some places where Baidu trends. Understand every aspect of what Google is looking for each term, how it ranks other based on their content for that keyword. Understand how they work, go through all the theories, from basic to the most complex ones, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a lot of things you didn’t know before. If you don’t know where to start just google “how a search engine works”, go through some of the results & you’ll find what you are looking for.

#4 Utilize the tools

Man is a tool-using Animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all” – Thomas Carlyle.

So simple but such an accurate Saying! If you have been doing SEO for some time, we are sure you know by now, it can’t be done by yourself. You need help, from multiple sources, which should most definitely include SEO tools as well. Besides, you can’t finish everything if you continue doing them manually, going for tools will not only reduce the burden but will also make your work extremely efficient. Most of the times, we haven’t seen every feature of a tool, having to go through them will feel like a chore but trust us you’ll be glad you did as you might find a feature that can reduce your workload by half. 

#5 Dive Deep into the Social Abyss

Ready with the diving suit? Social Media is like the Mariana Trench of Internet News. If you want to learn anything new, you just need to spend 20 minutes of your time and you’ll come up with something on that topic for sure. The same thing applies to SEO knowledge, there’s no single place where you’ll find the hidden SEO treasure. Rather, its spread throughout different accounts of popular SEO experts that you’ll find if you keep on digging. You need to go through all the resources you can find online in order to look deep into the vast ocean of SEO. 

Here are some famous experts you should definitely look forward to, as they often throw out little gems about SEO that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Brain Dean: If you are looking for fast results, Brain Dean has a lot of Advanced strategies that they share regularly.
  • Neil Patel: Best of the best, recognized all over the world, find his tips through social media & other platforms.
  • Eric Enge: Eric has been Working on digital marketing field since 1997 when they created his own digital marketing consultancy.
  • Rand Fishkin: He’s the co-founder of Moz, A resource highly reputable in the SEO world.
  • Joost De Valk: CEO of Yoast, a popular plugin for SEO.

#6 Importance Of The Meta

Learning the importance of Metadata is really important. This is the information you place between the head section that contains the information about the content that you are providing to search engines. Metadata contains two things mainly: the Meta Title and Meta Description. These are one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking your page. Search engines consider highly of them as a rank factor and general users can understand is brief what the page is about without opening it.

#7 Website Audits

Before going through the practical part of SEO, you need to have proper Website Audit. This is important from an SEO point of view as, during this process, you find out what you are missing from the website.

There are two types of Audits that need to be carried out: User point of view & Seo point of view.

You need to go through the site thoroughly to find out what factors you are missing from the site or the page that you are trying to rank, and then you can implement strategies based on those quirks.

#8 Discussion Over a Drink

If you like having a drink once in a while, like Most SEO enthusiasts, you know the most creative ideas and daring decisions are taken when you are sitting with your buddies & sipping your favourite drinks. Most people tend to open their boundaries/limitations when they are enjoying a drink with friends, & sometimes you find the hidden treasure during these discussions that you weren’t even expecting to find. So don’t hesitate to take a break from your everyday routine and enjoy a pint from our side as well, you’ll be surprised what you might learn.

#9 Publishing Tips for the Populus

One way of increasing your knowledge is by sharing it. The more you share the more you’ll learn. When you’ll post for others you’ll need to research for yourself as well, it’s not possible to keep writing content about SEO on your own, research plays an important part in that. As you start sharing, you’ll find new things that you haven’t discovered yourself over the years. The more you explain the things you know each time, the more polished your skills become. So don’t be hesitant, just take “Guruji” from Sacred Games as an example, for instance, he likes to share & has all the answers you want.

Just remember, you don’t need to follow these points to the core, these are like a general map of how you could improve your SEO skills to the extent, the key is to never stop exploring as with SEO, no amount of time invested is enough.


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