A Cheat Sheet to Make the Most Out of Pinterest!!


People are finally catching up with the current social media – Pinterest. However, they are still trying to know the different aspects of this popular medium. Though Pinterest is a great opportunity for marketers to spread their business still capitalizing on this distinct platform is hard to pin down.


Trying to market and popularize your products and service using Pinterest? Well, the goal behind this media is simple – Let your customers be aware of the brand by offering them attention-grabbing images resulting in high traffic on your website, accelerated sales, increased revenue and cash flow. Though it sounds very simple but most of the businesses are still trying to put together their successful social media marketing plan and try to incorporate Pinterest into it.

Here is the cheat sheet full of effective tips to let you take advantage of Pinterest as a social media platform to promote your brand.

Get Acquainted with Pinterest Language


Just the way you learn about any other social media platform before using it, similarly you need to learn the language of Pinterest. Every social media site has their distinct language and learning that will help you in adjusting easily to the new environment. Here are a few components Pinterest is made of:

  • Boards – They are just like buckets of similar content. You can add the captured content to these boards to allow easy sharing among users.
  • Pin – It is an image that you have taken and added to a particular board.
  • RePin – It is a way to share the pin of other users and add it to your board.
  • Likes and Comments – Just like any other social media site like Facebook, Pinterest also allows the users to add comments or like the pins.
  • Pin it Button – Add this button to your browser so as to easily pin anything you feel like sharing.

Share Attention-grabbing Content


Many newbie don’t have the idea of what to share and what not to. They create boards that are uninteresting and share content which people might overlook. If you wish to create brand awareness then make sure that the content you share through your boards are exciting and interesting. Try to stay consistent with your pins and boards. All make sure that the name of the boards isn’t too simple or too complicated. Gaining success via Pinterest is not a matter of few nights, thus make sure you don’t flood your boards with pins for a few days and then just stop. Try to intrigue people and get their interest by uploading and sharing interesting pins as often as you can.

Hit the Targeted Audience


Upload content that your followers are willing to share. Make sure you decide your targeted audience and their preferences before posting content. It may seem fun to pin your hobbies, activities and interest but you should also share content from your business site which caters to the requirements of your prospective clients.

Complete your Profile


Make sure you complete your Pinterest profile and optimize it for easy search. Add effective keywords that will describe and define your business. People connect with human beings which is why you need to add keywords as well as those little tit-bits which will make you unique. Add a little something of yourself to gain your audiences’ attention.

Promote your Page


Promotion is the final key to any successful business. You can bring more exposure to your pins and Pinterest page by promoting it on other mediums. Here are a few ways to promote it –

  • Sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest
  • Share your posts on Facebook with a back-link leading to Pinterest
  • Join Facebook groups and pages discussing about the various promotional tricks and tips like Kelly Lieberman’s #Pinchat.
  • Use Twitter to publish your Pinterest posts
  • Add “Follow me on Pinterest” on your blog or website

Learn these tips and tricks of using Pinterest before entering into this realm and allow your business to accelerate rapidly with higher traffic and increased sales.


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