Amazon Mandates Delivery Drivers To Take Selfies To Reduce Frauds

64, Inc., one of the Big Four of Technology, has configured a rule to confront the delivery-related fraud cases. The e-commerce giant is making its delivery drivers to take selfies.

Amazon will verify the driver identity using facial recognition to make sure they are working for the company. The rule applies specifically to “Flex Drivers” who are working as independent contractors for the “Amazon’s Fastest Prime Deliveries”, in which they deliver packages in their own vehicles and gets paid between $18 to $25 per hour. It also warns drivers not to take selfies while driving.

The initiation by Amazon is to prevent multiple people from sharing the same account that can screen out any driver might be a criminal who is unauthorized from delivering packages.

The company also notified its drivers through the Flex app that the biometric data will be collected to confirm their identity now and again.

Global car aggregator, Uber in 2016 has put into action the similar policy by demanding its drivers to take selfies prior to signing and taking ride requests. Eventually, Uber’s plans did not go well and being laid off, as the transgender Uber drivers selfies did not match up to the previous photos on their file.


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