How ‘AMUL’ jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon with the aid of Buildabazaar


‘Amul – The Taste Of India’, we all grew up listening to this tagline somewhere or the other and the quirky Amul advertisements have kept on amusing so many generations after generation till date. Amul a brand as old as the country’s freedom movement itself, today is the most trusted and preferred dairy brand in India.

The white revolution of India and the self-sustenance in the milk production was credited to Amul, but not only that, the most evident trait of this brand has been that of a pioneer, after attaining success in the dairy business, Amul ventured into other food supplies such as bread, sweets, cookies etc. Today it is the largest food brand in India and its products are supplied in more than 60 countries worldwide. With success at every front and continuing its winning streak, it was not to be left behind in marking its presence the digital world too.

With the advent of e-commerce, the spread of internet and the ease of shopping from the comfort of one’s home Amul decided to set an online website along with infibeam inc. an expert in this domain. Apparently when two giants collaborate, magic happens. ‘AmulOnline’ was the outcome of this collaboration, it was started with one basic objective of providing the best of the freshest Amul products at every customer’s doorstep that too in affordable prices and record delivery time.

In the initial stage, it was launched to provide its services in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Gujarat, with an aim to spread its reach at a larger scale. Pretty soon after its launch Amul Online became a successful business model,  today is the only digital platform which offers all the SKUs of Amul Products including ice creams and to top that, it is also the first ever platform that delivers more than 85 % of its orders within a timespan of 3 hours!

In a regular market scenario, customers end up adapting to the business offerings but with Amul Online the reverse trend is very prominent, they, since inception have introduced various services, keeping a customer’s everyday need in mind. ‘ Monthly Subscription Plan’  for everyday requirements, festive offerings, easy tracking of orders & deliveries etc are some of the brilliant examples of a customer-centric approach of Amul Online.

Today AmulOnline has a fleet of 35 delivery executives & the support of 36 cars and 12 bikers for Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar who deliver in multiple slots with a smile. The deliveries are made from 7 AM to 7 PM every day, even on holidays and week offs.  Amul Online not only made the life of Amul loyalists easy but also helped in promoting other offerings by this brand. The mobile app for Android as well as iOS, along with the website, offer more than 250+ products by Amul. One of the largest selling products from this platform is from the frozen foods category. All this and catering to almost 60 zip codes is managed from 2 operational hubs only.

With every new milestone achieved, AmulOnline began to spread its expanse, today not only the retail but even the B2B segment has been successfully touched upon by AmulOnline. Although, AmulOnline was purely B2C segment it started its penetration in a B2B domain in order to strike cost-effectiveness with bulk volume transaction at one place. Vodafone became the first key client for AmulOnline, it collaborated with ‘Lavazza’ to cater milk to Vodafone on daily basis. And guess what, this attempt too was successful. AmulOnline is already planning to spread this service across and to reach out to other key clients.

The factor that led to the successful continuation of AmulOnline, in spite of immense competition from retail service providers and other F&B e-tailers was the constant up-gradation of services based on the customer feedback along with regular practice of Kaizen and Lean systems to bring efficiency at the process level.

Technologically speaking, the service has a robust ERP Platform which very conveniently ensures an easy and secured click to the delivery structure. The website also has a real-time inventory capturing feature which makes it very easy for customers to order for products that are in stock without getting frequent cancellations. Any customer can conveniently purchase all the Amul products from the website or from the easy to use Mobile app.

The entire structure supported by Infibeam’s BuildaBazaar platform offers a unique shopping experience to the users and as far as business owners are concerned, this dynamic website is a unique example of all the possibilities you can explore while creating your own e-commerce store. AmulOnline is a website for an FMCG product yet it is immensely attractive and dynamic in nature. In case you are looking out for a website for your brand just think how many possibilities are there that you can explore!

BuildaBazaar is a SaaS-based Platform, which provides hordes of digital services needed to run a successful online business. Be it payment gateway integration, Logistics support, customer service support, inventory and order management or simply put end-to-end e-commerce services.

With the AmulOnline story, we have clearly seen that even if you are a major league in the physical market as long as your products and services are not available online there is still a long way to go for your brand.




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