App Review : ARBO Hub – Introduction, Features, and Public Review

arbo hub review

Nowadays it is hard to manage all the mobile apps and services at one place, because of that we forget some works and tasks that we want to complete. If we want to promote our company on the social media platforms then we just find those apps on our mobile phone and then will manage them one by one but now we can manage all the apps and services of the mobile device with the help of ARBO Hub. ARBO hub is launched by Panasonic India in March 2017. This app is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With this app, we can access multiple apps and services of our device at one single platform. Now let’s discuss this app briefly.


ARBO Hub is a virtual assistant which is completely based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This app understands the human behaviour and their interaction with their smartphones. With this we can access multiple apps and services at one place. ARBO tracks the user’s information like if you have changed your mobile’s settings then it will track your time and location, and also track your calls and apps and provides suggestions based on above information. There are many famous companies like Google and Samsung that have already launched AI-powered virtual assistants. But Panasonic has launched this virtual assistant at affordable price. ARBO virtual assistant is available in some series of Panasonic ELUGA like ELUGA RAY 550, ELUGA A4, ELUGA RAY 700, ELUGA RAY 500 and many more are there.


Whenever you unlock your phone it provides you some suggestions. We can also connect multiple accounts of ARBO by using single mobile phone. ARBO takes 24 hours to predict suggestions for you. But it doesn’t collects any personal information like your passwords, bank account details, personal messages etc. but this app will take some information like email id and Phone’s IMEI number. The first thing which will come in our mind is that how much data it will consume? I want to tell you that it takes only 1 MB of data while syncing for the first time after that it will take less than 1 MB. It stores all the data on the cloud which is very beneficial for those users who always think about the storage of their devices. For providing ARBO hub Panasonic has tied up with the online platforms like Ola, AccuWeather, MobiKwik, and Gamezop to provide different services to users. This virtual assistant is currently available in two affordable devices i.e ELUGA Ray Max which costs you around Rs. 11,499 and ELUGA Ray X which costs you around Rs. 8,999.


#1 One hand use

ARBO hub is very easy to use and in this, we don’t need to say ‘Ok Google’ to start your assistant, it automatically runs after unlocking your device. This app looks very attractive as it has a radial and circular design and this app also don’t take too much space in the mobile screen. We can easily do some other work also. You don’t need to chat with this virtual assistant as we do in Google assistant.

#2 Action based on location

This application provides so many prompts for you. It provides prompts based on your location and it will then suggest you to change your phone’s settings because whenever you reach your place then it will suggest some remembering points like turning on your Wi-Fi or regarding your notes that you have made for some work.

#3 Learn user’s habits

This app learns about your habits and then suggests you based on those preferences. It learns the way you use your mobile device. It will also learn about the most-used apps which you use on the daily basis. For example, if you do workout daily then it will remind you daily of your workout and physical exercises or you daily order your breakfast from the restaurant then it will remind you daily in case you forgot.

#4 Assistant works on different devices

You don’t need to worry about settings of ARBO hub before changing your smartphone. You don’t need to think that you have to teach ARBO hub about your habits again. But this app will automatically takes the previous information because this app stores the data on the Cloud and by this we don’t to teach this app again and again, it will directly takes all your data from Cloud. It will start immediately after changing the mobile device and keep suggesting you about your daily habits you use for easy workflow.

#5 Remind about calls

Sometimes we forget about some important calls and due to this, we forget to meet some important delegates. This app reminds you of your calls and messages. For example, you are a stock trader and it this profession creating customers is the key to success for every employee so this application reminds you of your calls you make daily to different customers.


Many users love this app as it can be available in affordable price phones of Panasonic. People find this application more attractive and impressive in design. Let’s look at some benefits of ARBO hub.

  • If you are a cricket lover then this app keeps you update with the match scores and also provide you information about the match schedules.

  • We can travel in different locations at low fares by the help of ARBO hub. This app compares the fares of different companies that provide cab services like Ola and Uber.

  • Now you can play multiple games with the help of ARBO app without downloading any game. By this, your phone’s storage will be free.

  • This application keeps you updated from each and every single news, events, and top stories. With this app, we can easily look on the national, international, domestic or regional news.

  • If you believe in astrology then this application is good for you because it provides all the details like your horoscope. It provides daily, weekly or monthly horoscope to the users who believe in astrology or who don’t do any work without horoscope.




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