App Review: Brand24 Features, Pricing and Benifits


Do you want your business to get social insights? Are you in search of a good social media monitoring tool that identifies the people who are following you online and what they are talking about your brand? Do you want to discover your social mentions, increase customer satisfaction and get more leads for your business? Then Brand24 is one you can opt for. It allows you to monitor your business online in real time along with other many features. It makes the work easier in finding any negative comments made by other people on your business to create a bad image, this tool helps to take out a solution by directly interacting with these people who made negative comments and comes with a solution by making an agreement. The Brand24 does provide a platform that provides all the requirements that an organization is needed to boost up its productivity along with customer satisfaction.

What is Brand24?

Brand24 is the most effective method of monitoring of your brand or product on the internet. It also measures the buzz around your brand, product or a keyword. This social monitoring tool the helps business identify people or may even be other companies who are mentioning their products and services over the internet. This provides a platform to react to the views they get and respond to them that allows engagement with the user’s customers through social media channels. Brand24 really does makes an effort to increase your online presence and improve the visibility of your brand also creates brand awareness. It gives you instant access to mentions about your brand from social networks to influential publishers.

Hundreds of companies of all the sizes opt and use Brand24 to leverage their business. You can also use Brand24 to grow your business sales. If you wonder, does it have all the features that who want? Then, here’s the review of Brand24 that covers all the points which clear all of your doubts.

Did you know?

#Brand24 is one of the top 200 marketing software.
#It is given the position 29 in the category of Social Media Monitoring tools.
#It is also one of the top 50 Reputation Management Softwares.


  • Brand24 allows marketing analytics that presents you actionable insights that save your time and also allows to make data-driven decisions.
  • It provides influence score that can be calculated for every discussion participant.
  • Sentiment analysis in which users can analyses easily through positive, negative or neutral mentions.
  • It alerts with email notifications if any changes have occurred in your business data.
  • Allows data exporting through PDF, Excel files, and infographics from your dashboard.
  • Also provides a set of filters to narrow down your results the way you want.
  • Provides an organized mention feeds to allow faster interactions.

They have created customer satisfaction algorithm that gathers customers reviews, comments and stores it and makes the user understand whether their customers are satisfied with the product or not and make them correct themselves according to their customer review and comments.
They have created customer satisfaction algorithm that gathers customers reviews, comments and stores it and makes the user understand whether their customers are satisfied with the product or not and make them correct themselves according to their customer review and comments.

The other features include social search in which users can search for key topics, trends or discussions and also competitor knowledge through which users can monitor and compare social mentions against competitors.

Devices that support Brand24:


Pricing model:

It is monthly payment and it also has a free trial version which is available without a credit card.
The paid subscriptions available are:

brand24 pricing

For personal use: (PLUS)

#$49 per month
The user can obtain basic data for individual tracking a single brand.
#5 keywords
#50k mentions per month
#5 users
#1-month archive
#Data analysis, sentiment analysis
#Slack integration

For Professional use: (PREMIUM)

#$99 per month
Good for professionals to engage and analyze mentions.
#10 Keywords
#400k mentions per month
#10 users
#12 months archive
#Data analysis,sentiment analysis
#Slack integration
#PDF reports
#Social media reach
#Live help and few other

MAX for professionals

#$399 per month
It is great for teams and agencies to engage, analyze and report
#25 keywords
#1 million mentions per month
#99 users
#12 months archive
#Data analysis, sentiment analysis
#Slack integration
#PDF reports, excel file reports
#Social media reach
#Live help, groups, consultant


# It is one of the simplest monitoring application from other monitoring applications present in the market.
# It is easy and reliable to use.
# It is an affordable software solution that allows the users to both track and engage online that are related to your business.
# You can also use it to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and grow customer satisfaction.
# It is a smart social media monitoring for the business of all sizes.
# it supports the languages English also in countries like India, Japan, China, Germany.



#It not only help in the finding the mentions o your brand but also helps in finding new customers and business possibilities.
#Brand24 has an amazing customer service.
#It provides correct reports in PDF’s and in Excel which can easily forward to your customers without making any further corrections.
#The dashboard of Brand24 can be easily understandable.


#The insight generations and sentiment analysis are not up to the mark.
#The mobile app of Brand24 works well but not when compared to the desktop version.


The Brand24 works well when compared to any other social monitoring tools. Has many good features. This provides customizable slack integration and also the email alerts and notifications work well. The mobile version can be better but the other features and benefits that the Brand24 is providing are making it matter much less. Overall, it is easy and reliable to use.


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