Google’s Digital Wellbeing: All You Need To Know About Google’s new Initiative


Why Digital Wellbeing necessary?

If you wish to monitor the usage of your smartphone and if you want to manage and measure the usage time paradox, Digital wellbeing is added to the android one family at your disposal. Smartphones that are running Android 9 Pie can download this app from Google play store as you all know that pie is the latest update of the Android ecosystem.

Now the question is why we need Digital Wellbeing?

Well, Google says “A Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.” Well, this app is committed to creating a sense of own digital wellbeing. It is quite clear that technology is there to make life better and more comfortable. But the way it is driving today the people have stopped living and are so much focused on technology, they ended living, or we can say spending time with family and friends. People are so obsessed with their smartphones and gadgets that they can’t even spend a second without it. Unfortunately, it may sound harsh, but the truth is our technology is enslaving us. You must have seen people usually panic when their smartphone’s battery is about to die. We may forget to eat in time, but we never forget to reply on a comment on our posts on social media.

This obsession has turned into desperation. It should be checked and controlled. That is why digital wellbeing is introduced.

Let’s talk about its features. Currently, it is running on a beta version. And as I have mentioned, it is limited Pie and Pixel devices.

You must know how much you invest in a particular application or widget in the first place. Digital wellbeing helps you to be proactive and to stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions.

  • It allows you to set timers and restrict the usage beyond pre-determined time.
  • It allows you to know how much time you spend in a particular app.
  • It allows you to check how often you have unlocked your phones and how many notifications you’ve received.
  • A highly aggressive DND mode is also introduced that helps you to concentrate on the important matters and avoid unnecessary notifications. If you want to receive a call, then you mark the starred contacts. It will help to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • A wind-down feature is introduced that kicks in when you plan on sleeping. You’ll be able to tell Google Assistant what time you aim to go to bed, and when that time arrives, it will switch on Do Not Disturb. It’ll then fade the screen to greyscale, which
    Google said it is far less stimulating for the brain and can help you to set the phone down.
  • Don’t worry. All the colors will restore to normals when you wake up.
  • It analyzes your overall usage habits and tells you when you should stop.

The app is pretty simple to use. The dashboard gives users information about how much time they spent on the different kinds of apps for a specific day. It notifies the user about
the different time periods and even sees the number of notifications from a particular app. Once a user has found out something that needs to be in check, the Wellbeing app offers the ability to set timers that restrict usage after a predetermined time. It helps to focus on the other important things apart from his/her smartphones.

As I conclude, I must say that it is a wonderful initiative by Google to maintain a balance between technology and human relations. As Google stated it would allow them to analyze whether they are experiencing meaningful engagement with any particular application.


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