[App Review] Cred: Pay Credit [Card Bills] And Get Credit With A Click


Cred is an online platform to pay your credit card bills and can earn credits/rewards for every credit card bill payment. It is a members-only app for users with Experin, CRIF and other credit scores greater than the app’s eligibility score.

This just a definition to Cred but with the personal analyzation of the app felt the platform scored good and pretty much convenient to the members of Cred with lot more exciting features adding as toppings.

Story of Cred’s creator

Kunal Shah founder of Freecharge, India’s’ famous app for making prepaid, postpaid and other utility bill payments for service providers is the brainchild of Cred application launched in November 2018. As we know, Freecharge in 2015 is acquired by Snapdeal for $400 million is back in the news with a new challenge in the world of credit cards.

Based on Bengaluru, with a team of 60 members, Kunal raised Cred $30 million from Chinese VC firm Morningside, Sequoia Capital and others.

Kunal Shah says its “a platform to celebrate and reward the most creditworthy people of India”.

Simple steps to widget Cred

Cred app installation and process takes less than a minute.

  • Install the app available in both iOS and Android.
  • Sign into the account with your mobile number and get verified with OTP.
  • Snap! All your cards get displayed after the signing in. This is made possible because Cred integrated with Credit Bureaus like Experian to make this possible.
  • Add your verified card number by filling the masked numbers of the tab as shown in the card number field.
  • The app verifies your card instantly and done.
  • Finally, you can now pay your bills and get credit points parallel to the bill paid.

Backend process

When you apply for a new card, Cred verifies your credit card by depositing Rs.1 through UPI/IMPS. The process is instantly reflecting on some cards, but other cards like AMEX take up to 1 working day.

Cred’s credit card tracks and manages features providing simple yet powerful tools to function more efficiently to the card members. Cred is AI backed system that keeps track of every single nuance right from due date reminders, spend patterns and other card usage statistics.

#Killthebill with the most rewarding credit card app

After completion of the Cred process, you get a reward as soon as you’re in. The app rewards you with ‘one cred coin’ for every point on credit score. For suppose, if you have a credit score of 600, you get 600 cred coins as a reward.

The platform curates exclusive rewards from top brands like cure.fit, freshmenu, Airbnb, bookmyshow, Myntra and 30+ more to make members happy users. With the Cred coins, you can reward yourself to a free cake or tea as less as 750 coins to a free flight ticket for 2,00,000 coins.

#Killthebill is Cred’s favorite slogan to the members of the card. You can kill the bill by earning a cashback for paying credit card bill on the app.

Cred provides Card Protect and Smart Statements as the additional options for analyzing credit card statements and discovering hidden fees and charges in your bill. Both options need approval to link to your Gmail account, where you will be able to access credit card statements from Gmail account.

User-Friendly app

Cred is designed to boast with clean, intuitive and minimalistic user-friendly UI with sleek changing animations.

‘View Report’ button feature in Cred helps you to open the page that has details like Credit Card Utilisation, Payment History, Age of Credit History and the Total Accounts you have on the account.

The homepage is simple with a summary of the number of cards a member holds and also about the ‘News & Updates’ surrounding the app and its founder.

Members home screen also has a ‘View Rewards’ button to check the rewards available and details of claimed rewards. The screen is also lined up with different rewards categories Viz., CRED Popular, CRED Insanity, CRED Privileges, and CRED Exclusives.

‘Cards’ button is available in the next tab with a list provided to all your registered cards with typical details like outstanding amount, minimum payment due and credit limit with pay your bills option. The option ‘View Details’ analysis the spending patterns across categories like food, travel, shopping, etc.

‘My Cred’ is the third tab which displays credit score of your coins summary and list of rewards you claimed.

The fourth in a line is ‘Rewards’ tab where you can redeem your cred coins balance. The tag also features with a filter tab by a city.

The final tab is the ‘Profile’. This option is for customer support, Settings, FAQs, T&C, Security details, and Privacy policy.

Is Cred a worthy app?

A lot of buzz was created before the launch of the app and his new venture. The app is a beta version. The prime advantage of the app which all agreed to it is the rewards what it is offering and gained a lot of positivity among the members and tech savvies.

Cred tasted some serious concerns regarding the privacy concerns of users and not embarrassed to share their app reviews by the users.

One of the Twitter users suggested Kunal Shah extract data from text messages instead of email. Kunal replied,

“Hidden charges are not detectable on SMS as they are not sent and only available in statements. The product is one week old, and we will launch more features soon.”

Cred in many ways is one of the most promising applications that has the positive side, and this is just the dawning of the application, and many more features are to be released as by the team.


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