[App Review] HealthifyMe- Meet Ria, World’s First AI Nutritionist


HealthifyMe-Ria is the new black!

HealthifyMe, a mobile application to track your health, to check and burn the unwanted calories, and it also features macro & nutrition tracker. The app helps you to plan a diet chart tracking overall health like water intake, steps & workouts. HealthifyMe provides with a customized diet plan for weight loss and additional health goals. Assist you in tracking your food intake with a diet plan, healthy recipes and more like go to Yoga and Gym.

Birth of Ria

In 2017, HealthifyMe unveiled Ria, world’s first AI-powered virtual nutrition assistant to augment the services of their human coaches at an annual event “Ignite”.

HealthifyMe started the journey with one human nutritionist handling 40 customers. The health startup at that period was able to cater around 100 customers per nutritionist using tech integrations and optimizations. Today, with the wider launch of Ria the number reached to 270 customers per human nutritionist. Ria the load off human nutritionists by answering most of the common queries and lets human nutritionists answer some of the complex queries which Ria cannot sometimes.

Work of Ria as a virtual nutritionist

HealthifyMe’s Ria as by the startup has a ‘millennium of experience’, was developed using critical learnings obtained from the HealthifyMe database. The database consists of 150 million tracked meals in which 20 billion plus macro/micronutrients included with 15 million messages exchanged between coaches and clients.

Ria is a multilingual nutritionist, capable of consulting in Hindi, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Ria is a challenge to Siri and Google assistant. The AI-powered app helps customers in myriad ways and aims to assist what the former cannot provide.

Meet Ria- AI nutritionist in the palm

The notion what Healthify suggested is applicable for the health conscious and fitness freaks, i.e., Ria + Coach= Better you! Ria ensures you to stay on track while your coach guides you how to stay rich in health.

Though HealthifyMe has over 200 health experts, Ria remained a core nutritionist. The conversational AI assist you with instant replies, where you can ask many things to her like ‘How was my day?’, ‘What should I eat for lunch?’, ‘What should I do for workout?’ etc through text or voice. The ultra smart application fades your health blues and suggests you with the exact diet intake.

“Hi Ria, what should I eat Apple or Orange before my run?”
“I would suggest you go with Orange since it has high protein, low calories, fats, carbohydrates than apple.

Ria answers slightly complex queries by sharing links of HealthifyMe and third party resources depending on the queries, and in some situations, users redirects to the HealthifyMe’s human nutritionists for better solutions.


Tushar Vashisht founded HealthifyMe in January 2012 Bengaluru as its base. Tushar’s personal weight loss after working for UID in 2010 initiated him to start the company. Along with Mathew Cherian, co-founder of HealthifyMe listed all the foods and calorie values to build a service that helps people to eat and live healthier. After a year Sachin Shenoy joined the startup as a co-founder and Head of Engineering.

HealthifyMe runs on a freemium model. It is available as a free download enabling users to keep their calories on track, set personal fitness goals and other health tips. The organization claims to have the world’s most extensive database of Indian foods and syncs with all leading wearables like Fitbit, MiBand, YuFit besides its own fitness band RIST.

Access to Ria

HealthifyMe connects users with first-class nutritionists and trainers who provide diet, exercise plans and review the progress of the customers in helping them to achieve their fitness goals with the subscription services to the app users. HealthifyMe subscription plans cost from Rs 999 to Rs 1699 per month on the number of coaches needed by the customers and offer special packages for specified programmes like muscle gain, weight loss, and diabetes prevention.

Future Plans

Tushar plans to make Ria currently in Beta and paid user base, publicly accessible for a short period through virtual, ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions where the virtual nutritionist answer public queries. The team’s long-term goal is to score their platform to 1000 customers per nutritionist.

Tushar visions to make healthy living accessible for all. Stating Ria is still a toddler and aims to enhance its capabilities. At their initial step, the company could cloud to cater to Tier ⅔ cities. With the support of AI capabilities, the company plans to refine Ria and Jarvis where they allow to serve countries apart from India aiding on qualified nutritionists working from homes but catering the world improving the health graph.

Accolades to their healthy steps

HealthifyMe achieved a 4.6-star rating on Google Play Store, becoming one of the few Indian apps to reach the landmark rating of one million plus downloads. On December 2015, the app was honored with Google Play Top Developer Badge and also one of Google Plays “Best Apps of 2015”. In December 2016 and 2017, consecutively received the Google award for the best apps in the Play store.


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