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As the internet usage has increased nowadays, on an average, a person spends 10 to 11 hours daily on the internet. On the internet, not only entertainment but also the latest trends, news can be obtained and viewed. Who does really have time to read the news in the newspapers? People might have thought that how awesome would it be to read news on our phones that would be in our hands 24/7? That hit the app and web developers mind to create an app or website that only focuses on the news nationally and internationally. Later, that idea got clicked very well which in result increased the number of apps and websites that publishes daily news on our devices. These apps are designed in a way such that, even if you forget to check the news, the app does notify you.

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Among the news feed apps, one of the most popular on is the “NEWSDOG”. The NewsDog has been founded in 2016, is ranked as the no. 1 news app in India on Google Play with about 40 million users. Actually, the NewsDog is a Chinese mobile news developed by Forrest Chen Yukun. It was expanded in India to increase its number of users. The founder of NewsDog, Chen says,” We will focus on Indian Market because it is already a huge market with plenty of growth opportunities and due to increasing number of Indian internet users. It is the better market than China which is crowded with competitors”. He says,” Competition in India is heating up as more of the Chinese companies entering the market, so we want to seize the opportunity to promote our product”.

What is NewsDog?

The NewsDog is an Indian news website also available in the app, in which every kind of news is available. The new dog obtains news, stories from the top publishers, with whom they are partnered with.


The NewsDog offers the news in about 10 Indian languages including English. It offers the news of many different categories like politics, business, entertainment, cricket, technology and also horoscopes. The news is not only restricted to nationwide but also international wide. The NewsDog is available for the users in both app and website. The app can be used based on one’s interests. The user can select the categories and sectors of the news and stories in which you are interested in, then the app shows the same content based on one’s selections. It provides the relevant and latest news from time to time for the users. The notifications are also been given to notify the user whenever the latest stories or updates are published and if the user forgets to check.

Features NewsDog provides:

  • The main feature that is attracting the users is that the news can be read offline. It allows the users to download the news whenever they are online and can read anywhere and anytime without any internet. Also if in online it takes low data and that to the app occupies the least space.
  • The other feature is that the app automatically understands the user’s reading preferences through the history of previous articles and news that user reads and personalize the newsfeed accordingly.
  • The NewsDog also offers the users to share the content through the social media platforms through the share option and also lets the users comment on the section below the news stories to allow the readers share their views to their readers.
  • The other interesting feature the NewsDog has is that it allows its users to earn money online. This is one of the factors that brought more popularity in the market.

The app provides two ways of earning money online, one is by collecting gold coins and the other way is by writing articles in the app.

  • The first way is that the app gives the users a few amounts of gold coins for every few read articles and news. Also, if the user shares the app with friends and family from WhatsApp, twitter, facebook the gold coins can be received. The app gives the coins if you log in the NewsDog with facebook. The gold coins later convert into rupees for every some amount of coins.
  • The second way is that the app allows you to earn money by writing the articles for the NewsDog. It pays the number of rupees for the number of views that your article gets. To be a writer in the NewsDog, you need to be a part of it by creating an account into it.

The NewsDog WeMedia provides a platform for content writing and distributing the content to make it read with millions of Newsdog users. It also helps to maximize the reach of users content to a right audience. They have a machine learning algorithm that understands users preferences and distributes the written content to the right audience instantaneously.

Among the present news feeds apps and websites, the NewsDog is the most popular one. The reason behind it is, the new and interesting strategies that have been implementing by the company. The growth of their company has been possible due to the word of mouth marketing, social media marketing, and their network partnerships. The NewsDog also has a lite version that also provides an effective daily news.


The NewsDog updates the user with every type of news that may be of sports, politics, entertainment, health, fitness, education daily in a most efficient way. It collects the local and international news from thousands of sources. It provides the latest and trending news very fastly in about 10 Indian languages and also notifies the users with the top stories and breaking news of all categories. The NewsDog also provides unlimited videos, horoscopes and sharing the news very easily. The NewsDog is one of the most used news feed apps from which are present in the market.



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