[App Review] Sociograph : Features, Benefits and Pricing


For a marketer, it is necessary to learn how well their company progress is, the progress we can define in the terms of sales may be or the number of clients. One of the most essential issue while managing a business is to know the analytics of your target market, the relationship of yours with your competitors and other brands and the promotion campaigns you organize to learn about your customer’s thoughts on your product or the brand, obviously on the internet through the various number of social media platforms.

Through these social media platforms, one could easily be in connection with their customers to know their needs and suggestions. These all the factors are important as well as the marketer must have the idea of all them. This is made easy by one of the consulting firms in marketing science called as SOCIOGRAPHS.

What is a Sociograph?

Sociograph is a specialized consulting firm in marketing science with its own and exclusive neuroscientific system to objectively and reliably determine the effectiveness of communication. It aims at increasing profitability and satisfaction of the clients. It is an innovative technology to measure the attention and emotion levels of groups using the neuromarketing. The sociographics helps the marketer to know the specific values and interests and allow you to discover what the customer actually needs. Then it shows how your market engages with your business, products, services, and brands. The sociograph enables you to look at the activity level of your own community and compare it that of your competitors.

It is available in the market as in the domain name sociograph.io. You can add your facebook account and directly go to the sociograph website, that automatically acquires all your Facebook information starting with the posts, likes, comments, shares etc and gives you the information through the demographic format. This tool not only lets you see this data, but you can also export all your findings to CSV or XLS file for a further offline analysis.

  • In marketing, the new way of targeting customers is to go to the customers and find their friends.
  • Sociologists know that in any group,  emotion ripples outward with the strongest concentration of emotion coming from the most powerful person in the room. So why can’t marketers use this approach in the online environment? That is the reason, they came up with the idea of socio graph in which the neurological technique is used.

According to sociograph

Marketing pretends to know in advance what exists in the mind of consumers, so far, it has used techniques and tools based on social sciences such as questions, interviews, surveys among other, always subject to interpretation. The basis of sociograph is the measurement through individual sensors connected to the hand of each participant that forms a part of the study group of electrodermal activity(EDA)  both in its joint processing and in a real-time, from a sample of time series analysis.

Features of the sociograph

  • It is a new work methodology that records the electrodermal activity of the group.
  • It is a good method for measuring the group electrodermal activity.
  • It allows a quantitative and objective analysis of the activity of the group both in its evidence of group attention and in its emotional reactions.
  • It allows the closest approach to observable phenomenon until the point which is difficult to quantify.
  • It obtains the information in real time providing intermediate control over the group behavior.
  • It is empirically able to research behaviors of “group interaction” and its application from casual personal interactions to intragroup and intergroup interactions and its underlying processes.
  • It can be framed with the “social neurosciences”, as the somatic marker to explain the social behavior from an interdisciplinary framework.
  • It obtains the physiological and digitized record in real time caused by the interaction among the members of the group.

Benefits of Sociograph

  • Sociographics helps in to improve an already qualified set of data.
  • Sociograph works as a great source to know your audience. It gives you the analytics for Facebook pages and groups. It is one of the free analytic tools. By using the sociograph you can see your posts in chronological order and get the information of the activity like who are your active users and number of posts you have posted and the statistics of the shares everything would be getting in the graph form. You can look at your activity based on the years, months or these many numbers of days.
  • But the sociograph is only limited to the Facebook but not other social media platforms. So this sociograph would be a great platform to increase your sales in the market through the Facebook campaigns.

Sociograph Pricing:

Sociograph is a free tool if you just want to monitor Activity Graph feature, you can look at your community’s overall activity over the course of a year, month or custom time range and manage useful statistics.

If you want advanced features like Keeping track of the users that perform no activity and Download all reports for offline analysis in a CSV format. You have to pay 179.88 Dollars yearly.

Sociograph Review:

Sociograph provides great social media management services and deep data analytics for businesses and communities. This is a great tool to look at your own community and compares to it with your competitors but it has few debugging issues and With the community member report, you can obtain variable data like who’s active in your community and those members are rated by their total amount of shares and number of posts they have submitted.




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