Apple And Google Unveils New Emojis On World Emoji Day

Apple and Google unveils new emojis on Emoji World Day

Apple and Google have unveiled troop of new emojis on World Emoji Day on 17, July 2019. This time it included cute critters and even included human diversity.

Holding hand

Apple releases new variants that hold hands by enabling to pick any skin tone and gender with 75 possible combinations. Other include a new guide dog, prosthetic arms and legs, wheelchairs, an earing aid.

Prosthetic and aiding

Besides, it is adding a the flamingo, the skunk, the orangutan, sloth, and yawning emoji.


Apple’s new emojis will be available in all Apple’s devices iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch whereas Google’s will be made available on Android Q. Both Apple and Google are rolling out nearly 60 of these this year.

Apple states that these new ones are proposed to the Unicode Consortium last year were approved this 2019.


The Indian Sari is also rolled out this year along with a new set of these like swim shorts, safety vests, food items- waffle, butter, garlic, falafel.

Now Google Pixel users can sign in for the Android Beta program to try these coming up new features before everyone. And sending of these will be limited to Android Q devices.

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Ever since emojis are attached along with text, people and businesses started using them intensely to capture viewers. From internet slang, we started using them to let others know how we are feeling about for a better expression than texting them.


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