Central Government Asks To Block Twitter Accounts For False Tweeting Of Article 370

Central government asks Twitter to delete the accounts for spreading false Tweets about Article 370

The Central Government asked Twitter to takedown Twitter accounts for posting “objectional content” about Article 370 and J&K.

Nearly 8 accounts including two handles sharing stories of Kashmir protests namely @arsched- a Pakistan-based journalist Arshad Sharif; @mscully94- a human rights activist Mary Scully; @kashmir787 (voice of Kashmir), @Red4Kashmir (Madiha Shakil Khan); Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s @sageelaniii, Islamabad-based Sadaf- @sadaf2519 along with two unidentified accounts @RiazKha61370907, and @RiazKha723.

Since the communication blackout, the central Government has looked down to delete the accounts spreading false Tweets regarding Article 370 and J&K status.

The last two accounts @RiazKha61370907 and @RiazKha723 have been deleted, whereas Sadaf and Syed Ali Shah Geelani account been suspended by Twitter.

Twitter is still working on deleting the shared Tweets about Article 370 and raging comments.

A government official to the press,

“We have asked Twitter to take down some 7-8 accounts that are spreading false information about what is happening in Kashmir…”

“Restrictions are because of security requirements. However, people are being facilitated to contact their relatives outside the state through deployment of helplines at convenient locations such as the DC office, police stations and police posts. Any relaxation or tightening in restrictions is a local exercise by the police and district administration based on their assessment of the need to maintain public order and peace.”

The official also added that “They are fake, aimed at presenting a wrong picture [of the Kashmir situation] to the world.”

CRPF India rebutted stating that “The malicious content of this tweet is absolutely baseless and untrue. As always, all the security forces of India are working with coordination and bonhomie.

Patriotism and our tricolour lie at the core of our hearts and existence, even when the colour of our uniforms may differ.”


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