Best Valentine’s Day Brand Campaigns (Rewind)


Love it or Loathe it, Valentine’s day is around the corner eagerly waiting to play cupid. It is hard to ignore the buzz of February 14, as it is the day where every Romeo asks their Juliet to be “my valentine”.

From Saint Valentine to classics like Breakfast at Tiffany and the modern love stories never gets faded and always kindles our hearts with unconditional love. Some stories what we see are inspired from the untold lives and some inspired by old tales and books. Eventually, every love saga has a story to tell, cherish, inspire, and the moment it.

The present-day valentines day proposals is hugely inspired from the brands and its market. The promotions what they come up with are truly customer-inspired themes showing every heart how to be passionate in love and be a quintessential love couple.

Every brand captures the love mob with its Valentine’s day campaign benefiting best of both worlds. Every year these brands come up with different themes or genres and overwhelming messages moving every flinching heart to dare say about their emotions.

After the string of festive themes to attract families and other important events, now it’s time for the brands to showcase their creativity and innovation to commemorate togetherness and lure crowd to its products.

Rewind of V-campaigns- Here are some of the popular valentine’s day campaigns which played cupid and became an instant hit and craze among the people, projecting many ways to express love to your valentine.

1. Cadbury Silk #PopYourHeartOut

Cadbury Dairy Milk has become the ultimate gift to the loved ones. The campaigns they bring out on every Feb 14 is terrific. The themes of the chocolate brand never get old. Their #PopYourHeartOut campaign became sweeter than their chocolate selling it insanely everywhere.

2. Anya Hindmarch- “Chubby Hearts”

English Fashion accessories designer Anya Hindmarch suspended a squashed a giant red heart-shaped balloons around London landmarks using the campaign called as “Love letter to the city” became widely famous throughout the city.

3. Dunkin Donuts

There is no need of introduction for the brand. Dunkin Donuts lures people to buy donuts with their unique campaigns. The donut company for its V-day promotions it created a user-generated content to celebrate. The campaign “Dunkin Love” Instagram contest is about streaming on live in Facebook and having snapchat filters at specific Dunkin Donuts locations. The campaign got the huge response and showed their customers creative side.

4. Starbucks Cup Magic App For Valentine’s Day (2012)

Starbucks for Valentines Day campaign released a Starbucks Cup Magic App that sends and receives virtual valentines day messages.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 India came up with a sweet and funny way of expressing love.

6. OPPO F5 ft. Sidharth Malhotra & Kriti Kharbanda

The awe-inspiring ad unfolds the breaking up story into pursuing the dreams captioning with #CaptureTheRealYou.

7. Pizza Hut- A Pizza Proposal

The food chain giant Pizza Hut ran a campaign for valentine’s day titles ‘Least Romantic Valentine’s Proposition Ever’. The campaign got a limited edition of $10,010 engagement package that includes a ring, limo service, and a fireworks display, of course with a pizza box. The contest is to use #LastMinuteLovers and tag to Pizza Hut’s official Twitter account.

The one thing which made this campaign unique is they threw in a bottle of their perfume to complete the package. We can imagine how the Pizza Hut perfume smells. Surely a weird thing.

8. Renault ZE- The Postman

Renault in 2018 came up with an innovative way of celebrating valentine’s day through an animation showcasing a budding romance between a postman and one of his delivery recipient, where the girl’s dog disrupts everytime he wants to meet the recipient.

9. Nina Ricci- BFF over Boyfriends campaign

Nina Ricci, the fashion powerhouse changed the whole trend of valentine’s day in a unique way for their valentine campaign. They created the #MBestValentine campaign by encouraging customers to send photos and videos of best friends and their perfume to feature in their official social media platforms.

The whole idea is to encourage the power of women celebrating the day together regardless of taking the unnecessary pressure of finding a date.

10. Google- Romanticizing the ‘Parisian Love’ (2009)

Google had their way of representing their brand and valentine’s day. They demonstrated the power of impressing and love by storytelling it with images. The valentine’s day campaign by Google shows the tracking of a romantic story from beginning to end with nothing more than the search bar. Isn’t it the best way to start your love story?!

The video speaks about the American finds love in Paris.

There are more inspiring ads by brands to pin and get emotionally inspired, but the above ads changed the whole concept of loving and being loved. Still today these brands and their campaigns help us to celebrate togetherness with the quirky, funny, and heartwarming stories. They are aware of the potential revenue which can bring their business on track.

From the typical love letter days to practical proposals love is ageless and timeless. As once said by Shakespeare,

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

Hope this Valentine’s Day everyone finds their Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending.


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