Campaign Review On Rajasthan Tourism’s New Ads


The legacy and beauty of Rajasthan, the land of kings and queens have successfully lured tourists from different corners of the globe. The images, fantasy tales, and the picturesque puppet dance not only reflect the beauty of this wonder land but its traditional culture in the most versatile manner. For ardent travelers, the new video advertisements by Rajasthan Tourism describe the charisma of the royal families and the beautiful forts that take the readers back to the ancient times when the kings ruled this state. Each video advertisement has been designed incredibly well and attractive enough to pull in more tourists each year.

Varied and versatile video advertisements

The video advertisements of the Rajasthan Tourism Department reveals the exotic beauty of the Thar Desert, one of the prime attractions of this state and customized travel options for those who love adventure. For instance, one of the videos has shown how the friendly attitude of the people of this state comes to help when tourists are stranded in the desert. The elegance and beauty of the Thar Desert are unraveled in many of the videos that have reached out to audiences across the globe and compelled them to soak in the spirit of Rajasthan. Whether it is the grandeur of the forts and fortresses that surround this city or the local flavors and the delectable cuisines of the people belonging to this state, the video advertisements combine the correct potion of beauty and realism.

The sightseeing locations and local cuisine

Each of the video advertisements explores different aspects of Rajasthan thereby allowing the onlookers to know what their experience is likely to be when they come to visit the state. For instance, the people that come to receive the tourists from different locations wear local attire which displays a dash of different colors. The video that includes myriad gas balloons filling the skyline and the smile on the face of the tourists explain their keenness to traverse this state. Besides this, there are videos in which you will come across the authentic cuisines of Rajasthan and the well-garnished and mouth-watering dishes are more than just irresistible.

The mystic state

While some of the video advertisements display the grand beauty of the royal palaces, the others include a general view of the cities and the heritage structures that are situated in different parts within the state. The lustrous jewelry showrooms with beautifully decorated interiors are more than compelling thanks to the efficiency of the government for making these videos that have successfully appealed to the hearts of the people who are mad about travelling and buying souvenirs that have a lot of historical importance.

Beauty unexplored

Rajasthan is not only known for its beautiful forts, but each one has interesting stories surrounding them along with the legacies of the royal dynasties. As a matter of fact, the state will remain largely unexplored if you do not have enough time in hand for moving through each crevice and corner that are filled with interesting and surprising elements. Watching the video advertisements that focus on the state of Rajasthan has so many things to offer to the tourists. In fact, the videos have been prepared with simplicity as the essence but reaches out to the minds and hearts of millions of people across the world.


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