Case Study on FreshWork : A New Start Under New Company Name

Freshwork case study

FreshDesk which is now known as FreshWork is an online service for customer support and internal support for companies. Customer service is always on the priority for every successful business. FreshDesk provides a complete help desk system which can help your business to run customer service effectively.

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FreshDesk Founder:

FreshDesk is founded by Girish Mathrubootham in 2011. Girish who is also serving as CEO of the company is from Tiruchirapalli in South India. Girish completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy and Master’s in Marketing from the University of Madras in 1998. After completing his education Girish worked for various organizations like HCL, eForce, Advent, and Zoho as a product developer.

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His last job was in Zoho where he worked as Vice President in Product Management Department.

About FreshWork:

Freshworks Inc. delivers the customer support products like FreshDesk, FreshService, FreshSales, and FreshCaller. The company’s suite of products is specially designed to make communicate better with their customers and co-workers. The company is headquartered in San Bruno, California and has global offices in India, UK, Australia, and Germany. Company’s cloud-based suite of products has been used by more than 1 lakh companies which include big names like Honda, Bridgestone, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, Toshiba and Cisco.

Products and Feature:


FreshDesk is a tool made for customer support helpdesk which allows companies to provide support to their customers through email, phone, websites, forums, and social media.


Freshservice is an end to end IT service management tool. It provides solutions to the team’s IT support needs through a simple but powerful interface.


FreshSale is a complete Customer Relation Managment(CRM) tool which helps sales teams handling high-velocity leads.


FreshCaller provides a complete call center functionalities on the cloud.


FreshWork has raised 149 million dollars from four investors like Accel, Google Capital, Sequoia capital since 2011. FreshWork is today valued at 750million dollars with annual revenue of over 60 million dollars.


Earlier this year Freshdesk acquires data integration platform “Pipemonk” to strengthen its integration ecosystem.

FreshWork has made a series of acquisitions last year also which includes company named Airwoot which offers a customer service solution on social media and  FrameBench which is an online collaboration platform.

Earlier in 2015, FreshWork acquired a Chennai based messaging app “Konotor” and “1CLICK”, video, voice, and text chat platform with collaborative features of screen sharing and conversation recording.

Business Models:

FreshWork is a B2B software company. Which provide their software tools and services to other enterprises for customer support and Helpdesk.

Future Plans:

FreshWorks is aiming for 1 Billion dollars valuation by the end of this year and preparing for multi-billion IPO, Which will be the first for any product based startup in India.




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