Colgate – Social Media Strategy Review


colgate-social-media-strategy-reviewWell this brand doesn’t owe an introduction. Colgate is a widely known for oral hygiene products worldwide. They are dealing in various oral products like toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpastes and mouthwashes. The journey of stardom of this brand is very interesting. This was the first toothpaste which to come in collapsible tube as earlier it was sold in glass jar.

Marketing strategies

A perfect marketing strategy is required to increase sales and generate maximum output. Such a strategy which is used to capture a particular niche in consumer market is known as marketing strategy. Colgate had a good marketing of it products in more than 200 countries under such brand names which are internationally recognized like Ajax, Colgate and Palmolive etc. Out of all these brands Colgate Palmolive is their leading brand and is focusing on various products like household care, oral care, personal care and the list is never ending. Because of their powerful marketing and advertising strategies their revenues are constantly increasing. Colgate had spend a lot of money in advertising their product via TV ads, Magazine ads and endorsements etc.


Social Media Strategy

They are not ruling the advertising world in television commercials or magazine ads but they have also a strong follower list on social media as well.

Facebook: Colgate had reached the audience via their Facebook page. Till date they are having 2839002 likes on their Facebook page and the count is increasing day by day. Though they do not have regular posting on their page but still the popularity of their page is very high. This is a very sensible step to reach more and more people hence can be considered as a part of well thought social media strategy. People are regularly following their posts and are getting every new update via their Facebook page.

facebook-reach facebook-posts
Not only promotional posts are a part of their Facebook page but they also have many informational posts which enable consumers to know more about their oral health.
Twitter: Like Facebook they have got a huge fan following on Twitter also. Colgate’s follower list had crossed a count of 35.9K people. This can give you an idea about their impact on social media world.


Talking about the tweets, they are more frequent as compared to Facebook. Near about one or two posts after every one or two days. This can also be reason behind maintain the interest of people on their Twitter page.

It would not be a wrong statement to make that Colgate have used social media platforms quite well in order to increase their reach to people. In terms of marketing their product, they have left no stone unturned and the success of their brand narrate the story of their perfect implementation of strategies.


Colgate is a well established market oriented brand providing their services in more than 200 countries. The management of business and consumer market is very effective and is also a very important factor behind their success. They know the ways to attract more and more consumers via their marketing strategies and also know it quite well as how to make and keep them happy. They have proved the superiority of their brand in international, consumer and business market and are constantly making efforts to achieve more and more.


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