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Danone-AQUA Awards Digital Media Intelligence Mandate to Drizzlin Media

Drizzling Media
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Pioneering bottled water company Danone-AQUA awards digital media intelligence mandate to Drizzlin Media. Drizzlin Media will be sharing data-driven cultural and marketing insights with Danone AQUA, informing their business strategy at multiple levels.
Digital media communications and research firm Drizzlin Media has been awarded the digital media intelligence mandate for pioneering bottled water company Danone-AQUA.

Founded in 1973, with the purpose of delivering healthy hydration and the best quality mineral water for Indonesians, Danone-AQUA has become the #1 bottled water brand in Indonesia, consumed by over 160 million consumers. Drizzlin Media will help the brand leverage digital media data to make critical business and communication decisions.

With Drizzlin Media’s expertise, Danone-AQUA will be able to monitor digital media trends and register insights regarding topics pervading Indonesia’s cultural consciousness, such as sustainability, a cornerstone of the brand’s commitment to the well-being of the Indonesian people and the environment.

“Drizzlin’s services to Danone are a great example of how a brand can use digital media insights for innovation in marketing, product development, and even future strategy formulation. Our weekly culture tracker gleans through a variety of digital media content to generate actionable insights for the brand tracking all aspects of human expression from entertainment to environment”, said Deepak Goel, Founder of Drizzlin Media.

“As a goodness brand and Indonesia’s first Fast Moving Consumers Good (FMCG) Company with B-Corp certified, we’re proud to say that Indonesia’s cultural ethos reflects in our business decisions”, said Ashish Verma, Strategic and Insight Director Danone Waters, “from our manufacturing practices to the final product, we’re guided by our holistic outlook towards the well-being of all Indonesians. Our partnership with Drizzlin Media further bolsters this, providing us with insight into the heart and mind of the digital Indonesian to become a purposeful brand, keeping us on track, further informing our business strategy and decision-making.”

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