Difference between branding and marketing 

brand vs marketing

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We often use the terms branding and marketing as if they are synonyms of each other. But there is a strong difference between the two. 

Branding and marketing coexist; however, one can say that branding has an intangible value than marketing. It has an omnipresent and everlasting effect on the minds of consumers. 

Let us decode the difference between branding and marketing

  1. Branding stays intact, while marketing changes.

Branding is an everlasting personality of a business. It is always intact. However, that personality can be marketed differently as per geography and customer preference. 

For instance, Kellogs cornflakes in the USA is simply marketed as a cereal brand, but in India, it is marketed as a quick and healthy breakfast solution for kids with the approval of Indian mothers. 

  1. Branding focuses on experience, while marketing focuses on data

Marketing is heavily data-driven. It is outcome-oriented.

Branding, on the other hand, is based on experience. It focuses on how the users feel after they have interacted with the product. Branding of products is depended on how the product is styled and the aesthetical value of the packaging. 

  1. Branding is long-term, marketing is done short-term

The branding elements of a business always last forever; however, the marketing aspects changes with time. 

Branding is a long term tactic to influence the audience. Meanwhile, marketing is simply a growth-boosting tactic to generate revenue, and it can change as per the need of the brand.

For instance, the packaging and logo of Coca-Cola have remained intact since its inception, but through marketing, different price-points of the product has been introduced for consumption. 

  1. Branding is emotional; marketing is strategic

Marketing requires strategy and a thorough application of market data to get the desired sales outcome. 

Branding, on the other hand, requires creativity and emotional value to influence the consumer.

  1. Marketing brings sales, while branding builds audience

As a consumer, growing up, we also preferred using the Colgate brand for brushing our teeth. This brand loyalty persists even today. 

Through branding, audience loyalty is built up by creating meaningful relationships and fostering a strong sense of community. 

On the other hand, marketing is used for ensuring that the brand gets enough sales and revenue to sustain in the market.


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