Facebook Enables Users To Share 3D Photos In Stories

Facebook users can share 3D photos in Stories

Facebook develops 3D photos to stories by offering two new ways to create them.

Back in October Facebook introduced 3D photos which could only be shared in the regular news feed. Though the uploading process still begins, these photos can be shared through Facebook stories as well.

How to share 3D photos?

First, you need to upload the 3D photo through the News Feed and tap on the share button where you will find an option to share in the News Feed or a Story.

The 3D photos in the stories will work like regular stories what we see and upload in the platforms. These are available for 24-hours where users can view, react, and respond.

Two new ways to create

Initial they could be created only on a dual-lens iPhone. Now Facebook is rolling out 3D photos where can be created on the Web and Android.

Facebook is planning to roll out the facility to create and share the 3D Photos on Android, launching it in the Samsung Galaxy devices.

The process of creating them on a computer is more complex, but it allows for more customization.

For creating a 3D photo on the web includes:

Two files: An image and a depth map in .png or .jpg format.

Correct file names: The depth map must have ” _depth” appended to the file name.

Image sizes: Aspect ratios of the depth map and image must suit, but there is no need of the same resolution.

To build a 3D photo from the web, a user needs to drag an image and its depth map by dropping them into the composer:


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