Facebook New Feature Allows Marketers to Message WhatsApp Users


Facebook is planning to add another awesome feature for social media marketers. Business owners who want to reach users through WhatsApp can now do that through Facebook ads. Now you can use Facebook’s ad manager to create a “Send WhatsApp Message” call-to-action button. The WhatsApp call-to-action works like a Facebook Messenger call-to-action. When users click the chat button.


How “Send WhatsApp Message” works

In order for a business owner to start a conversation with a WhatsApp user, the user must first initiate the conversation by selecting the “Send WhatsApp Message” call-to-action, which indicates approval for contact. In the future, WhatsApp will likely charge businesses to reach out to consumers they’ve already communicated with, much like the Facebook Messenger call-to-action.


How this call to action helps your Business

With this new call-to-action, businesses can now reach a whole new demographic of customers WhatsApp users. Although more people tend to know about Facebook Messenger, there are still those who prefer the WhatsApp platform and use it more frequently. WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly active users. That’s a whole new audience set for businesses unfamiliar with the platform.


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